Sunday, February 12, 2012

Predicting if your Partner Can Cheat on You!

Adultery is sadly no longer a taboo term or even a rare one. One sees and hears about cheating spouses/partners very frequently. Interestingly tales of cheating are no longer the monopoly of males. Females with their increasing professional and social exposure are becoming more demanding and more open about having an affair, if discontented with their present situation.

Can we in Astrology predict if the partner has amorous tendancies and is likely to cheat on you?
YES, We can.

There are certain planetary alignments and certain factors that need to be analysed to make such a prediction. At the time of Horoscope Matching this analysis is very important to see how committed and loyal the person will be towards his marriage vows and his/her spouse.

*Rahu is the primary planet causing dissatisfaction in a person's mind and heart and makes you crave for more in every aspect-money, sex, love, everything. 
If its posited in lagna (aspecting the 7th house) or in the 7th house itself(7th hs is for marriage and relationships), it causes multiple relationships.

*Moon rules the Mind and when thats in conjunction or relaiton with Venus, the planet for passion and love, induces people to look outside mariage for satisfaction.

*Jupiter, if weak in dignity or afflicted makes one disregard social conventions and moral limits and may make one cheat.

*The inter relationship of Mars(daring) and Venus(passion) if strong is also instrumental.

* The closer Rahu is to Moon/Venus, the greater the degree of chances of intimacy with another one.

*How strong is the Saptmesh? Is it strong enough to withstand the attraction, if indicated in the chart?

* Guru Chandal Yog esp in 7th house

On the positive side, if Venus/Moon comes together with Ketu, it creates a very loyal partner. He will have enough spiritual awareness to resist all temptation.

* Moon/Venus in relation with Saturn also creates immorality. Clashes in your relationship might push you into another's arms.

It would be judicious and sensible to actually look for such factors in the horoscope before finalising marriage. Also if one is aware that such alignments exist in his/her horoscope he might take steps by making mind and spirit strong enough to resist such temptations and make their marriage sweet and loyal. 


  1. Hi Rrachita,

    Please help us. Kindly let us know if my husband has saptmesh and graham dose in his kundali.

    Details: DOB- 7/7/1981, time: 10:30 pm, place: kolkata

    thx a lot.

  2. Dear Sir,
    my date of birth = 9 june 1970
    time = 9:30 pm approx
    place = almora uttarakhand, india
    please guide me i am in trouble of job, money and love

  3. 9 october 1992. birthplace Cali Colombia. Is she faithful?

  4. 9 october 1992. birthplace Cali Colombia. Is she faithful?

  5. 9 october 1992. birthplace Cali Colombia. Is she faithful?

  6. 20 sept 1987 time 1:05 pm, birthplace India (u.p.) Kanpur,is she has an extra affair or relation? Is she faithful? She is trying for divorce and she sent me jail in false harrasment case

  7. Hello Rrachita, I just found your article while searching and i must say very well explained one. If you allow me, i would like to add few more points in this regard.

    Sign also plays an important role in this. If Mars/Venus or Rahu/Venus conjunction occours in Gemini or scorpio sign, the effect will be more. If the conjunction happens in Navamsa, the effect will be felt more as navamsa is the divisional chart for marriage.
    Nakshatra also plays their role for example if Venus is placed in Bharani Nakshatra or krittika 1st pada the chances of cheating increases.

    One more factor i have seen effective in practical cases that is Punarbhu Dosha. If saturn and Moon are placed in 1-7, this Dosha occours.

    I have written an in depth article on Punarbhu Dosha

    I have found this one very effective.

  8. My name Sukhjinder Singh Dhillon nickname suki/sukha
    birth 18/08/1978
    Time 04:54 pm
    Place of birth Bedford Bedfordshire uk
    Wife name Akinder kaur Bains b4 marriage after Sukhpreet Kaur Dhillon
    Nickname Akki/Pretty
    Date of birth 05/07/1981
    Place of Birth Talhan Phagwara punjab india
    Marriage 11/02/2008

    We have been married for 8 years, a year after marriage her father died
    It took us 5 years to have a child but at 20 weeks we had miss misscarage then 2016 we had a boy we fight over silly things would like to know will our marriage last and will it be happy plus we would like another child

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