Sunday, June 24, 2012


According to the Purans, when “SHANI DEV “(SATURN) was in the womb of his mother that time she use to meditate deeply for a long time-SADHNA. Though “SHANI DEV “(SATURN) got this dark complexion and Meditation or Sadhna became a part of their nature and they became a devotee of “LORD KRISHNA” & “LORD SHIVA”. “SHANI DEV“(SATURN) were so deserving that “LORD SHIVA” was internally forced to accept “SHANI DEV“(SATURN) their Shishya or we can student. Then there was no reason for that “SHANI DEV “(SATURN) was made to diversify. The result of this hard meditational Sadhna gave direct effect on their body as they became Dugdhdehi that means a person having fire effect on the body due to meditation. This became a reason because of what it became a ritual to offer oil bath or we can say Telabhishek to “SHANI DEV “(SATURN). We are providing some properties of “SHANI DEV “(SATURN) as a table below.

Gotra : Kashyap.

¬ Father’s name : Surya (Sun).

¬ Mother’s name : Chaya, Suwarna.

¬ Complexion : Dark, Black or Blackish Blue.

¬ Brothers : Yam, Sawerni Manu, Ashwani Kumar.

¬ Sister : Tapti, Yamuna.

¬ Guru : Lord Shankar.

¬ Ishta Dev : Lord Krishna.

¬ Birth place : Saurashtra (Gujrat).

¬ Devta : Yam.

¬ Direction : West.

¬ Permanent House in horo. : Tenth.

¬ Element : Wind.

¬ Best House in Horo. : 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 12th.

¬ Worst House in horo. : 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th.

¬ Own Houses : 6th, 8th, 12th.

¬ Power : Magistrate.

¬ Favorite color : Black, Blue, Saffron.

¬ Favorite Grain : Black Grams, Urad Grain.

¬ Property : Tamogun.

¬ Nature (medical) : Windy.

¬ Friends : Lord Hanuman, Lord Bhairav.

¬ Enemy planets : Sun, Moon, Mars.

¬ Friendly Planets : Mercury, Rahu, Ketu, Venus.

¬ Weather : Winter.

¬ Full power at : Libra.

¬ Lowest power at : Aries.

¬ Sets at : Cancer, Leo.

¬ Painful at : Scorpio.

¬ Taste : Bitter.

¬ Gem stone : Blue Sapphire.

¬ Mattel : Iron.

¬ Rotation Period : 30 months per Rashi.

¬ Powerful in : Night.

¬ Behavior : Harsh.

¬ Nature : serious, Lonely, Blunt, Frank,

Loyal, Sacrificing, Religious.

¬ Friendly Rashies : Taurus, Gemini, Virgo.

¬ Own Rashies : Capricorn, Aquarius.

¬ Nakshatras : Pushya, Uttera-Bhadrapad, Anuradha.

¬ Major period : 19 YEARS.

¬ Days Related to Saturn : No moon nights ( amavasya),Saturday,

Very First day of Hindu calendar,

Every Eight day of Hindu calendar


¬ Physical Problems : Stomach pain, Paralysis, Partial

paralysis, right side Pains, Muscular

pains, diabetes, less platelets count

of Blood.