Monday, September 03, 2012

Transform your Love Life through Vastu & Feng Shui

PictureLove is the corner stone of any harmonious home and Vaastu and Feng Shui are potent and interesting tools to be used prudently to enhance the feelings of passion and affection.

When your home is Vastu-friendly:

  • The feelings of bonding and sensitivity are ignited easily,
  • They have a higher chance of getting reciprocated by your partner,
  • The mental wavelength matches and there are common dreams built that the emotional bonding helps to fulfil.

The directional understanding is the first step towards building a Love Rich home. As per feng shui, the direction of relationships and passion is South West. Look at the diagram below to follow this.

The element is Earth which signifies the importance of having a well grounded and stable relationship for the emotional well being of a person. Activating this direction brings good luck to romance within the house and keeps the juices of passion flowing.

  • This direction should be absolutely clutter free. The more the clutter here, the more the positive “chi” will be trapped here and give rise to blocked emotions and misunderstandings in the relationship of the mates in the house.
  • The area should be well lit and also should be regularly energised by the tinkling of bells and burning of incense/aroma candles.
  • Relationships need constant reaffirmations to flourish, thus the more you energise this direction, the more it will be cleansed of even an iota of negativity and there will be no scope where marital tension can actually germinate.
  • Hanging crystal ball/5 stick chime also absorbs the currents of mistrust and helps to dissipate the clawing clouds of unrest in the relationships.

The bedroom of the master couple in the house should be in the South West Direction. Both Vastu (Indian spatial science) and Feng Shui (Chinese spatial science) agree whole heartedly on the “Direction of Relationships” having its element as Earthy.

This is a very interesting observation because out of the 5 elements, Panchmahabhoot, Earth is the only one to be the most well endowed element having the attributes of touch, smell, taste, colour and form.

Thus, activate the earthiness of the Relationship corner to keep your Love Life glowing.

Let’s go through what an ideal “Love-nest” should be like:
  • The bed is best placed in SW direction of the couple’s bedroom.
  • Cupboards/closets are best in the South or West.
  • Cupboard containing cash, jewellery, family heirlooms should be placed in a way it opens towards North.
  • Dressing should be in east and if the dressing mirrors are reflecting the bed, it can lead to multiplying of sexual energies and looking for pleasures outside the marriage. Keep the dressing mirror free of reflections of the bed.
  • Walls are best kept white/light pink. Red should be avoided unless the associated planets are weak in the horoscope of the master of the house.
  • Do not keep metallic objects in this direction as Metal tends to diminish the Earthy element.
  • Avoid metal beds/night stands/dressers/doors in the bedroom.

North East is the opposite side of the NE-SW axis and brings in the positive, refreshing energy that keeps the love alive in the house. Thus this direction should be low lying and designed in a way that maximum fresh air and spiritual elements are let into the house leading to thoughts of monogamy and faithfulness.
Tips for Energising the Love Direction of your Home:

  • If you are already facing conflicts or frequent arguments at home with your spouse, also check the SE corner of your home. Too much fire element here could be leading to aggression and ego enhancement in the body. This is a subtle process and the person does not realise it. Hence analyse yourself if you are behaving unusually short tempered these days.
  • Cleanse your bedroom by performing the “Navgraha shanti” Pooja done in this direction of your home.
  • Re-cleanse it everyday by blowing a conch shell and lighting incense sticks every day in that corner.
  • Place a photograph of the couple taken during happy times.
  • Place 2 heart shaped crystals with a red ribbon in this direction of bedroom. This enhances the feeling of the wedding vows being permanent. 
  • Strengthen the earth element by keeping large, decorative terracotta vases in the bedroom. Keep pink and red artificial long stalks of flowers in this.
  • Growing potted bamboo trees in the SW corner of living/dining room is very auspicious. This augments the fertility of a relationship making it deepen with time.

Vastu and Feng Shui are wonderful to manipulate (positively) the energies of your home to let the “Love” elements remain in the environment while the negative ones are flushed out.

-Rrachita Gupta


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