Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Feeling Moody? How to beat it.?

If you are feeling moody, it means too much negativity has entered your energy field. Do not let it overtake you. Some simple techniques(from my personal diaries):
1, wash your face with cold water or atleast tepid. Not warm.  It scares the face cells out of stupor and blood circulation is restored.
2. Comb your hair gently massaging your scalp. It untangles the tired crown chakra muscles and restablishes the antenna connection with the akasha tatva and the divine.
3. Get up from the bed/sofa where you are lying slumped. Wear something comfortable but smart enough (test: so u wd not be embarrased in front of ur neighbrs.)
4. Do something . Do some action which serves your family or your close ones. Some ppl read but thats too individual. Some ppl advise to chat with frds but that again requires 2 much energy that a bad mood is not allowing. Do something like cooking, cleaning, setting hw for kids etc which can be done quietly but gives u a feeling of:
a) achievement
b) feeling connected with energy bonds of your family/friend
5. Light an incense stick esp jasmine or sandalwood, perfect for mood lifting.
Within about 20 to 25 mins the endorphins will run thru ur body and u will be back to normal world :)
Good luck. Stay blessed.
Rrachita Gupta AstroRrachita

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