Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I have several times been challenged by sceptics or even non-believers that Past Life Regression is a figment of one’s imagination and that there isn’t any real proof of it’s sanctity. In this article, I am going to discuss the few ways one can look at this whole thing in a different context. Now for the whole thing to make sense, we first have to believe that Past Lives exist.

To understand & realize that past lives exist, its pretty simple. Why is one born with a silver spoon & one is born where even a meal is a challenge. Why is it that one gets success easily & one has to struggle all life. Why is it that one does criminal activity or tax evasion all life & yet live happily and one who’s honest suffers brutally. All of these are not random coincidences. What sort of life we live is directly dependent on the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime and we are provided with exactly what serves us to move fwd to learn those lessons. All ancient scriptures refer to reincarnation and there have been recorded instances of children across the planet, under the age of 5 who have been able to fully recall their past lives or can speak multiple languages fluently without having to learn them. To look for proof, I would refer one to Roger Woolger's work.

Now having accepted that past lives / re-incarnation as a concept exists, lets move to why recalling them. Now for this it’s important to understand why does re-incarnation as a process exist. Once a soul / energy incarnates in any form, they start building memories & learning. Sometimes they encounter events / circumstances / people who leave a lasting impression on them & some part of the encounter remains to be understood. Once understood, those memories / thought patterns will be deleted from the memory bank or the sub-conscious of the respective person. Any stuck memory of this kind also means that the person was unable to completely imbibe their lesson from that instance, hence it’s an opportunity for growth once that resolution is made. On a sub-conscious level, day in and day out, such unresolved memories are surfaced only for us to learn the requisite lesson. Now if this memory or thought pattern has served its purpose, it no longer creates the person’s physical reality or impacts it. While if an intense thought pattern / memory is triggered, it may sometimes attract several life situations/ circumstances to be able to draw the person’s conscious attention & focus to itself.

For example, if from a past life memory, a person has developed an understanding that “Marriage only brings suffering” then in the current life, they could have a physical situation where consciously they would like to marry but it isn’t happening or if they are married and then the thought patterns surfaces, it would mean they attract suffering only to realize they carry this understanding. Now one can keep living these kinds of thought patterns or memories or distorted lessons, till they use their conscious wisdom to look at the lesson from a different stand-point or maybe when they can go to a therapist when they feel guided to & address the root cause of the whole conflict in the respective past life.

This note isn’t intended to provide any proof though there are several people who have been able to go back and validate their past lives but my intention is to give another context to looking at the whole process & understanding that it’s not done for fun but we have serious repercussions in our work / relationships & health due to these energetic distortions that come from our past. Dealing with them through trust & surrender are the fastest way to experience the love that we are!

thx-Minal Arora

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