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Ketu gives best results when ?? (in a kundali/astro chart)

Ketu( (Sanskritकेतु,) is the South Node of The Moon and as per the mythology of Samudra Manthan (Churning of the Great Ocean) , he is the headless dev .

 In Hindu mythology, Ketu is generally referred to as a "shadow" planet. It is believed to have a tremendous impact on human lives and also the whole creation. In some special circumstances it helps someone achieve the zenith of fame. Ketu is often depicted with a gem or star on his head signifying a mystery light.

Ketu is the planet denoting detachment from worldly desires. While its head component Rahu is avaricious and a greedy and scheming go-getter(the degree is determined by what sign Rahu is placed in), Ketu is the planet representing Connection with the Divine, supernatural and meta-physical phenomena.

Ketu is most uncomfortable in the Airy signs because it is headless with no intellectual acumen and the added responsibility of "thinking", "intellectualising and analysing"(typical traits of the Air element) makes it feel chaotic and squirmy.

It feels most comfortable in the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These are watery signs and indicate mutability, emotions and in the division stand for WATER that belongs to no specific LOK but are transcendental. 

4,8,12 or the 23 watery signs are the MOKSH signs(as per the Hindu partition of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha as the 4 pillars of human life purposes) and having the divine Ketu in any of these signs especially Scorpio and Pisces makes a person very fruitful in its functions denoted by Ketu.

Ketu wants to conect with the Universal energy and aims towards attaining Moksh or the universal NOTHINGNESS which Hindu religion talks about.

Ketu is happiest when IT IS. It wants neither happiness, nor sadness, neither comforts nor penury. It just wants to unfathom the mysteries of life by BEING. And the perceptive, occult oriented, deep, penetrating sign of Scorpio and Pisces are where it thrives.

And Ketu by Parashari  astrology school is regarded as exalted in SCORPIO.

Is Rahu really exalted and debilitated? AND why?

Is Rahu really exalted and debilitated? AND why?

Rahu's exaltation and debilitation is a very controversial qn in astrology and there are multiple opinions on it. Actually Rahu is a smokey, hazy planet with no form of its own and generally acquires the personality and mind of the sign it occupies. It rapidly mutates itself and gives results in a kundali as per the sign Lord it is occupying. Thus a Rahu in Leo will be arrogant and showoff while a Rahu of Cancer might be magnanimous in its emotions.

Now where does Rahu feel most comfortable?
Its a materialistic, aspirational planet who never feels satisfied with what it has achieved and is always on the search for MORE, MORE, MORE especially material wealth, fame and authority.
Thus going by its intrinsic nature it feels most COMFORTABLE in EARTHY SIGNS like TAURUS, VIRGO AND CAPRICORN.
*In Taurus its goal of financial security is achieved since thats the guiding principle of this sign. It gets its ideology of acquiring more and more wealth and status symbols just right in TAURUS and thats why most astrologers believe that Taurus is the exaltation sign of Rahu,

*In Virgo it acquires the smartness, the mental acumen to calculate and really devise practical ways to acquire the material wealth that it so hungers for. Virgo is the sign of commerce and calculation and business, something Rahu loves to do and is passionate about.

* In Capricorn it gets the discipline and the sharp focus without any distractions(a Saturn quality) and the strong mindedness to pursue its goals of attaining prosperity and authority.

These are all earthy signs (2,6,10) where the mind and intellect rules and there is detachment from other distractions. 

Rahu feels most UNCOMFORTABLE in watery signs because they instead of giving him clear cut ambition and ruthlessness tend to pull him into a vortex of emotions. EMOTIONS CONFUSE Rahu and he wants to escape the pulls of the heart wherever possible. Thats why Rahu feels POWERLESS IN SCORPIO which is the most profound and deep of the sensitive, watery signs. Scorpio is a sign which questions and questions the motives and wants to get to the core of the matter. Rahu is irritated by all this personal, intimate questioning and wants to be aloof to make his shrewd policies and gain maximum in the minimum time.

Thats the reason why Rahu is "considered" exalted or MOST COMFORTABLE/POWERFUL in Taurus and most powerless in SCORPIO.

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Importance of Navamsa Kundli-D9 CHART (DIVISIONAL CHART)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DAAN/DONATION most fruitful if done in right NAKSHATRA

Many people want to do DAAONATION) so if we have some scriptural knowledge that what to gift in which Nakshatra(constellation) then the returns/blessings can be multiplied.

Nakshatra Daan

(Chap 192) Yudhishthir said - "I heard many kinds of Daan, now I want to hear about the things which should be donated for various Nakshatra." Krishn said - "Once Naarad Jee came to Dwaarakaa and my mother Devakee asked him the method of Nakshatra Daan, whatever he told her, I am telling you now.

Krittikaa - Feed Braahman with Ghee and Kheer food - attains good Lok
Rohinee - Feed Braahman Ghee mixed food - attains good Lok
Mrigshiraa - Donate milk to Braahman - to be debt free
Aardraa - Donate Khichadee mixed with Til (sesame seed) - free from all troubles
Punarvasu - Donate Pooaa fried in Ghee - born in good family and gets fame, wealth, and beauty
Pushya - Donate gold - becomes sinless and like Chandramaa
Aashleshaa - Donate silver - becomes fearless and knower of Shaastra
Maghaa - Pitchers full of Til - brings sons, animals and wealth
Poorvaa Phaalgunee - Donate a mare to Braahman - lives in good Lok
Uttaraa Phaalgunee - Donate golden lotus flower - removes all obstacles, goes to Soorya Lok
Hast - Donate golden elephant - goes to Indra Lok riding on elephant
Chitraa - Donate a bull - gets good Punya and enjoys with Apsaraa in Nandan Van
Swaati - Donate whatever you like most - brings good fame
Vishaakhaa - Donate grains and strong bullock cart - pleases Pitar, no pains, free from all sins
Anuraadhaa - Donate blanket and clothes to wear - lives in Swarg for 100 Divine years
Jyeshthaa - Donate various vegetables - attains good Gati
Mool - Donate roots, fruits - satisfies Pitar, gets good Gati
Poorvaa Aashaadhaa - Donate a pot full of yogurt - get son, grandson, grains, and prosperity, is born in good family
Uttaraa Aashaadhaa - Donate barley dish, Ghee, honey and jaggery - fulfills all desires
Abhijit - Donate Ghee, honey and milk - lives in Swarg
Shravan - Donate books - visit all desired Lok riding in Vimaan
Dhanishthaa - Donate two cows - get pleasures for many lives
Shatbhishaa - Donate Agar and sandalwood - goes to Apsaraa Lok
Poorv Bhaadrapad - Donate whole Urad - gets all kinds of foods
Uttar Bhaadrapad - Donate beautiful clothes - satisfies Pitar
Revatee - Donate cow with Kaansaa pot to milk the cow - fulfills all desires
Ashwinee - Donate a chariot with good horse - is born in very wealthy family and is powerful
Bharanee - Donate Til Dhenu - gets good cows, fame and good Gati.

There is no limitation of time, day and season, only Shraddhaa and Bhakti is main.

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Moon in Scorpio- Debillitated State

Moon in Vrishchik or Scorpio is very interesting. Its said to be debilitated or NEECH when 0-3 degrees in scorpio.

I personally believe and have found in my personal experience of studying the charts that SUN AND MOON are 2 NATURAL LUMINARIES and can never really be debilitated. Their power only gets reduced somehow.

Having a neech moon is not negative. People may have normal life even with this alignment. Moon is about stability. It does not create turmoil in your life.

Moon is about intensity. Moon in this rashi means very vivid mental imagery and a very intense childhood. Mother may be autocratic and in youth you may be rebellious because of this constrained environment. You may become self defensive because subconsciously you are attacking the leashes that ur childhood ambience forced on you. Thats why these people come across as stingy, on the edge and vindictive to most others who  do not understand them.

Debilitated moon is not a debilitated/weak mind. It means a VERY INTENSE MIND, capable of absorbing informations and psychic waves that no normal mind is capable of. Its an investigative mind. In a relationship you talk smartly to find out what makes the person tick. You avoid being controlled and thus get extra information to keep yourself safe.

Uncanny interest in the UNKNOWN, PARANORMAL, TABOO SUBJECTS, METAPHYSICS etc , also make fearless generals and policemen and also attorneys. They are INVESTIGATIVE LITTLE DYNAMOS.

There are 3 nakshatras in Moon in scorpio- Vishakha(ruledby Jupiter), Anuradha(Saturn) and Jyeshtha(Mercury.). Which is the nakshatra your Moon actually lies in will  modify the attributes of the Scorpio Moon too.

Its about passions, passion for finding the truth. You study and analyse with more fierce determination than any other sign. Its a sign of great mental strength. It gives an obsessive, unique mind. JUST BE SURE TO DONT GET ON THEIR WRONG SIDE.

If they love you, they will love you to death, every breath will be filled with your thoughts.
If they dislike you, prepared to HAVE UR LIFE STORY UNFOLDED BIT BY BIT by this intense, digging, sharp mind.

Heart Disease- The Planetary story

The heart is the centre stone, the central fuel tank of the wonderful human machinery.

Its sound functioning is integral to a person's well being and healthy blood pumping and circulation.

Sun is the primary karaka of the human heart in a kundali and how strong or weak the Sun is(measured by various astrological technical data parameters) will decide how strong your heart is.

Moon controls the blood flow into the heart.

Mars controls the muscle element in the body and since Heart is the most vitally throbbing muscle in the body, this planet also has to be studied carefully.

Jupiter  is also integral since it controls the arteries and the veins.

If Sun is well placed but Jupiter it might lead to artery blockage. Needs to be checked.

The HOUSE of heart is the 4th house.

Thus if there is Sun in 4th house but its debilitated, it means a heart problem of great intensity since its the hub area of this organ with nopower of its own.
So while looking at a heart ailment in chart, study the SUN and the 4TH HOUSE  IN DETAIL. THESE ARE PRIMARY.
The No2 significators are MOON, MARS AND JUPITER.

Going a level deeper, the astrologer needs to see also the nakshatra in which these planets are placed. That gives you  a good idea of whether a heart attack can occur and the timing of the event.

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Jalabhishek(water offering) appeases Lord Shiva and makes all the wishes come true. According to legends, during sagar mathan a very deadly poison emerged from the depth of the sea. This poison could destroy the whole creation of God.

Lord Shiva drank that poison in order to save the world. Although, he did not let the poison reach his stomach but he still felt the side effects of the poison. He felt as if he was on fire. This is why offering water to Lord Shiva is considered good.

Neelkanth feels pacified and cared for.

Offering water to Lord Shiva appeases him and helps us attain 'moksha'. Water represents knowledge and ignorance is considered the reason behind the cycle of birth and death.



You may need to do this several times. If after doing this exercise the situation or person still brings up emotion, repeat the following day or more until it feels "flat". Do this no more than once a day.


Stabbed in the back by a “frenemy”

Unfortunately, many of us have had this experience. Someone you thought was a friend turned around and betrayed you. Maybe she started a cyber-bullying campaign against you. Maybe he slandered you to the boss. Maybe she seduced your boyfriend.

Whatever happened, you can still feel the knife in your back. And it hurts. You lost more than just a friendship. You lost trust in that person, and you may have also lost trust in your ability to choose friends wisely.

Other than indulging in revenge fantasies, what can you do so you don’t have to carry around that painful connection to a “frenemy?”

There is a shamanic technique I learned long ago that can recover your energy lost in the encounter and disconnect you from that person. It’s a simple but powerful technique.

My blog on the Huffington Post about how to remove that virtual knife from your back:

There was a gal I knew in college -- let's call her Lola -- who delighted in sleeping with the boyfriends of other girls. Lola would get friendly with the couple, the unsuspecting gal would start to trust Lola, and wham! Lola would seduce her guy. Lola got whatever Lola wanted, and you got an energetic knife in the back. As the saying goes, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

One minute you're red-hot furious at Lola; you'd like to poke out her eyes and drop-kick her across town. The next minute you're wondering what you did wrong. How come you didn't see this coming? Aren't you sexy enough for him? Too fat? Too flat-chested? Too bossy?

You may start to feel like you've got a constant cold, your immune system is shot, you're gaining weight from drowning your sorrows in ice cream, you've let yourself go, and you're just so tired all the time. Where has your energy, your passion for life, gone? Other than going after Lola with a pitchfork, what can you do to put this experience behind you?

You can remove the energetic connection you have with Lola or, for that matter, with anyone who has stuck a proverbial knife in your back. Maybe it was placed there by a jealous co-worker, relative or ex; energetically, they all work the same. Indigenous peoples knew that energy was real, even though it couldn't be seen. They knew how to remove virtual knives. One of their techniques that works well and I can pass it on to you.

Here are five simple steps to remove a virtual knife from your back:

1. Sit with your eyes closed.

2. Picture your Lola in front of you. Visualize her in as much detail as possible, including her surroundings.

3. Breathe in as you turn your head from the center to the left; breathe out as you turn your head over to the right. Breathe in, head to left, breathe out, head to right. Keep picturing your Lola as she comes more sharply into focus.

4. As you continue the breathing pattern, recall the events that happened until there is nothing left to process emotionally. This may take 10 or 15 minutes, and you may want to repeat it several days in a row, until you feel very little emotion during the process.

5. Disconnect each time you do the exercise by doing three sweeping motions with the head -- right, left, right -- but with no breath. Let your head come to rest in the center.

The shamans of ancient Mexico teach that the breath in this exercise retrieves your energy from the scene and disconnects you from the negativity sent your way. By breathing in from right to left while remembering a feeling, your breath picks up your spent energy, and it's the expenditure of your own energy that is so aging. The exhalation from left to right gets rid of any unwanted energy left in your own energy field. I teach shamanic techniques like this one in my new book, "Be Your Own Shaman."

Chances are, you'll feel more vital and alive after the exercise. And you know you're much, much wiser now about whom you'll choose to befriend next time.