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Why do we Chant Mantras ‘108’ Times?

Why do we Chant Mantras ‘108’ Times?

On a mala or set of mantra counting beads, there are generally 108 beads, or some fraction of that number. The question arises” “Why are there 108 beads on a mala?”

The mala represents the ecliptic, the path of the sun and moon across the sky. Yogis divide the ecliptic into 27 equal sections called Nakshatras, and each of these into four equal sectors called Padas, or “Steps”, marking the 108 steps that the sun and moon take through heaven. Each is associated with a particular blessing force, with which you align yourself as you turn the beads.

The 109th bead is called the “Guru Bead”. It represents the summer and winter solstices, when the sun appears to stop in its course and reverse directions.

Traditionally, we stop at the 109th “Guru Bead”, flip the mala around in our hand and continue reciting their mantra as we move backward through the beads. It is said that the index finger and the little finger should not be used to count the mala. The mala should be held with the middle finger and counted using the thumb.

We are deeply interconnected with all of nature. Using a mala is a symbolic way of connecting ourselves with the cosmic cycles governing our universe.

Also, the distance between the earth and the sun is approximately 108 times the sun’s diameter. The diameter of the sun is about 108 times the earth’s diameter. And the distance between the earth and the moon is 108 times the moon’s diameter. This could be the reason as to why the ancient sages considered 108 such a sacred numbers

The microcosm (us) mirrors the macrocosm (the solar system). We could say that there are 108 steps between the ordinary human awareness and the divine light at the centre of our being. Each time we chant another mantra as our mala beads slip through our fingers, we are taking another step toward our own inner sun.

Some Points of Interest:

Heart Chakra: The charkas are the intersections of energy lines, and there are said to be a total of 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra. One of tem, sushumna leads to the crown chakra, and is said to be the path to Self-Realization.

Sanskrit Alphabet: There are 54 letters in the Sanskrit Alphabet. Each has masculine and feminine, shiva and shaki. 54 times 2 is 108.

Upanishads: Some say there are 108 Upanishads, texts of the wisdom of the ancient sages.

Sri Yantra: On the Sri Yantra there are marmas where three lines intersect, and there are 54 such intersections. Each intersection has masculine and feminine, shiva and Shakti qualities. 54 times 2 equals 108. Thus, there are 108 points that define the Sri Yantra as well as the human body.

Astrology: There are 12 constellations and 9 are segments called namshas or chandrakalas. 9 times 12 equals 108. Chandra is moon, and kalas are the divisions within a whole.

Gopis or Krishna: In the Krishna tradition, there were said to be 108 gopis or maidservants of Krishna.

Silver and the Moon: In astrology, the metal silver is said to represent the moon. The atomic weight of silver is 108.

Stages of the Soul: It is said that Atman, the human soul or centre goes through 108 stages on the journey.

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I am. Just sit with that thought. It is not "I am a father/mother", "I am a son/daughter", "I am an engineer/manager", "I am a teacher/student" etc. It is just "I am", which is presence, being.

 When you meditate on "I am" followed by nothing, interestingly you become one with everything. It is a very peaceful experience. Try it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

KARTIK MONTH - Most Auspicious in the Year

In 2012, the period of Kartik month is from 29th October to 28th November. Devotees adopt purity and worship the god with pure and true hearts in this month. Holy bath, meditation, charity, marriage of goddess Tulsi are some of the religious ceremonies performed during the Kartik month and the one who performs them, gets relief from all the sins. It is considered one of the most auspicious month of the year, in which the devotees gets an opportunity to discard all evil deeds and adopt a pure way of life. The person observing the fasts in this month should follow certain rules and regulation to get good results, since it is believed that without following these rules the fast is not considered complete.

Rules of Observing Fast in Kartik Month

  • The person observing the fast should sacrifice consuming vindictive food items.
  • The observer should not eat someone else’s food.
  • He/ she should not enter into any kind of quarrels or fights and should avoid going to any foreign lands.
  • The food in the afternoon should be served on a leaf plate.
  • The observer should adopt celibacy.
  • He/ she should sleep on the floor.
  • The observer should avoid eating gourd (lauki), carrot, wood apple, and stale food.
  • He/ she should also avoid eating sesame seeds, urad dal, moong dal, peas etc.
  • The observer should keep himself calm and content and should sacrifice aggression. Thus, behave like a saint.
  • The observer should talk less and avoid entering into any quarrel or bitching about anyone.>
  • The observer should sacrifice eating non-vegetarian food.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Skand mata-5th roop of the Navdurga

Friday, October 19, 2012

Kushmanda 4th Navadurga and the ENTREPRENEUR

Today we worship Maa Kushmanda, 4th Roop of Adi Shakti.
The word Kushmanda is made of three other words that are “Ku + Ushma + Amnda= Kushmanda”. Here “Ku” is “Little”, “Ushma” is “Warmth or Energy” & “Anda” is “Egg” , means the one who create the universe as “Little Cosmic Egg” with the energy of Her divine smile is called “Kushmanda”. 
She is the one who created the entire universe and filled it
 with sunlight and vibrancy with her Solar cosmic smile. Before her was all still and dark.
We remember today the "CREATOR" aspect of Maa. This day is dedicated to all the women who have dared to break the norms and create their own little bright world, whether as HOMEMAKER or an an ENTREPRENEUR.
The core of Suraymandala (Sun) is the residence of Devi Maa. She is the only one who has the power & strength to live in the core of Suryaloka (Sun). Her body shines like the glowing Sun. All directions get light from Her Divine smile including the Sun God itself.
She has 8 arms with 6 weapons in them. She PERSONIFIES THE FEMALE POWER who can both be ruthless and kind, be nurturing as well as fierce to achieve her goals.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Astrorrachita - My World of Astrology,Tarot and Life -Thoughts: Somnath- The Nectar of Youth God

Astrorrachita - My World of Astrology,Tarot and Life -Thoughts: Somnath- The Nectar of Youth God: This temple, as obvious from the name, is dedicated to Somnath, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. There is quite a myth and l...

Somnath- The Nectar of Youth God

This temple, as obvious from the name, is dedicated to Somnath, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.
The Somnath Temple, Gujarat somnath jyotirlinga
There is quite a myth and legend that envelops the temple. According to folklore, Som is the name of the Moon God and was the son-in-law of Daksha. When Som was given some directions by Daksha, Som disregarded them. Daksha got furious and cursed Som that his light will wane. Before the curse, the moon was believed to be equally bright every night! After the curse, other Gods pleaded with Daksha to take it back. Daksha relented and asked Som to take a bath at the mouth of River Saraswati and worship Lord Shiva. The Lord was happy with his penance and reduced the waning to what we know as the lunar cycle.  Since then, Lord Shiva is known as Somdev. The Somdev Temple is believed to have been built by the Moon God Himself. People feel so because the temple has stood the test of time and vandals.
The Somdev Temple was apparently built by the Moon God in gold. Then Ravana supposedly rebuilt it in silver, then by Lord Krishna is wood and finally by Bhim, the second brother of the Pandavas, in stone. 

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Ganesh Chaturthi 18th Sep 2012 onwards


On the day of the festival, THE IDOL is placed on raised platforms in homes or in elaborately decorated outdoor tents for people to view and pay their homage. The priest, usually clad in red silk dhoti and shawl, then invokes life into the idol amidst the chanting of mantras. This ritual is called 'pranapratishhtha'. After this the 'shhodashopachara' (16 ways of paying tribute) f

ollows. Coconut, jaggery, 21 'modakas' (rice flour preparation), 21 'durva' (trefoil) blades and red flowers are offered. The idol is anointed with red unguent or sandal paste (rakta chandan). Throughout the ceremony, Vedic hymns from the Rig Veda and Ganapati Atharva Shirsha Upanishad, and Ganesha stotra from the Narada Purana are chanted. Photo: Picture shared by Maa Vaishno Devi Fan Jitendra Kumar

For 10 days, from Bhadrapad Shudh Chaturthi to the Ananta Chaturdashi, Ganesha is worshipped. On the 11th day, the image is taken through the streets in a procession accompanied with dancing, singing, to be immersed in a river or the sea symbolizing a ritual see-off of the Lord in his journey towards his abode in Kailash while taking away with him the misfortunes of all man.

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Increase your memory and Nerve Stamina. No more being edgy/frazzled nerved.


This is an excellent remedy for those who have a Weak Mercury(Buddh) in their astrology chart.
As per W.H.O.about 21000 plants have got medicinal values.Among them about 300 plants are in India.Brahmi is one among them.

The word Brahmi means the Goddess of intelligence. It has been extens
ively used in Ayurveda for the last thousands of years. Brahmi has been mentioned in the historic medicinal book ” Sushrut samhita “. Chinese people use this in their traditional medicines for youthfulness and longevity of life. 


Medicinal values -
* It helps in the growth of nerve cells. It helps to reduce mental tension. It removes depression. It improves the remembering power of the brain.
* It helps in the development of the cells of hair follicles. Hence it is used in the production of hair oils. We see it in the advertisement of Dabur – the famous ayurvedic company of India.It also helps to get rid from dandruf.
* Eating 4 – 5 leaves of Brahmi helps in correcting the voice especially in children with speech deformity.
*Take the juice of the leaves. Rub it to the base of the hair.Keep it for 30 minutes and then take bath. This removes dandruf.
* It improves digestive capacity and removes acidity when taken orally.
* Brahmi contains kerotin, amino acids and vitamins. Hence it acts as a nutritious food.
* It is also used in epilepsy and skin diseases.

In Sanskrit it is called Kapotavanga, Somavalli, Saraswati, Suvarchala, Mahoushadhi,Surashreshta, Vaidhatree, Divyateja, Varaa, Parameshtinee and Soumyaa. 
It is a small plant with a stem and single leaf resembling the ear of mouse. It spreads very fast in low wet areas. In rainy season,it grows well. It is commonly seen in the hilly areas by the side of the road from Haridwar to Badri. Brahmi that we get here is the best one amongst all.

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Astrorrachita - My World of Astrology,Tarot and Life -Thoughts: Transform your Love Life through Vastu & Feng Shui...

Astrorrachita - My World of Astrology,Tarot and Life -Thoughts: Transform your Love Life through Vastu & Feng Shui...: Love is the corner stone of any harmonious home and Vaastu and Feng Shui are potent and interesting tools to be used prudently to enhance...

Transform your Love Life through Vastu & Feng Shui

PictureLove is the corner stone of any harmonious home and Vaastu and Feng Shui are potent and interesting tools to be used prudently to enhance the feelings of passion and affection.

When your home is Vastu-friendly:

  • The feelings of bonding and sensitivity are ignited easily,
  • They have a higher chance of getting reciprocated by your partner,
  • The mental wavelength matches and there are common dreams built that the emotional bonding helps to fulfil.

The directional understanding is the first step towards building a Love Rich home. As per feng shui, the direction of relationships and passion is South West. Look at the diagram below to follow this.

The element is Earth which signifies the importance of having a well grounded and stable relationship for the emotional well being of a person. Activating this direction brings good luck to romance within the house and keeps the juices of passion flowing.

  • This direction should be absolutely clutter free. The more the clutter here, the more the positive “chi” will be trapped here and give rise to blocked emotions and misunderstandings in the relationship of the mates in the house.
  • The area should be well lit and also should be regularly energised by the tinkling of bells and burning of incense/aroma candles.
  • Relationships need constant reaffirmations to flourish, thus the more you energise this direction, the more it will be cleansed of even an iota of negativity and there will be no scope where marital tension can actually germinate.
  • Hanging crystal ball/5 stick chime also absorbs the currents of mistrust and helps to dissipate the clawing clouds of unrest in the relationships.

The bedroom of the master couple in the house should be in the South West Direction. Both Vastu (Indian spatial science) and Feng Shui (Chinese spatial science) agree whole heartedly on the “Direction of Relationships” having its element as Earthy.

This is a very interesting observation because out of the 5 elements, Panchmahabhoot, Earth is the only one to be the most well endowed element having the attributes of touch, smell, taste, colour and form.

Thus, activate the earthiness of the Relationship corner to keep your Love Life glowing.

Let’s go through what an ideal “Love-nest” should be like:
  • The bed is best placed in SW direction of the couple’s bedroom.
  • Cupboards/closets are best in the South or West.
  • Cupboard containing cash, jewellery, family heirlooms should be placed in a way it opens towards North.
  • Dressing should be in east and if the dressing mirrors are reflecting the bed, it can lead to multiplying of sexual energies and looking for pleasures outside the marriage. Keep the dressing mirror free of reflections of the bed.
  • Walls are best kept white/light pink. Red should be avoided unless the associated planets are weak in the horoscope of the master of the house.
  • Do not keep metallic objects in this direction as Metal tends to diminish the Earthy element.
  • Avoid metal beds/night stands/dressers/doors in the bedroom.

North East is the opposite side of the NE-SW axis and brings in the positive, refreshing energy that keeps the love alive in the house. Thus this direction should be low lying and designed in a way that maximum fresh air and spiritual elements are let into the house leading to thoughts of monogamy and faithfulness.
Tips for Energising the Love Direction of your Home:

  • If you are already facing conflicts or frequent arguments at home with your spouse, also check the SE corner of your home. Too much fire element here could be leading to aggression and ego enhancement in the body. This is a subtle process and the person does not realise it. Hence analyse yourself if you are behaving unusually short tempered these days.
  • Cleanse your bedroom by performing the “Navgraha shanti” Pooja done in this direction of your home.
  • Re-cleanse it everyday by blowing a conch shell and lighting incense sticks every day in that corner.
  • Place a photograph of the couple taken during happy times.
  • Place 2 heart shaped crystals with a red ribbon in this direction of bedroom. This enhances the feeling of the wedding vows being permanent. 
  • Strengthen the earth element by keeping large, decorative terracotta vases in the bedroom. Keep pink and red artificial long stalks of flowers in this.
  • Growing potted bamboo trees in the SW corner of living/dining room is very auspicious. This augments the fertility of a relationship making it deepen with time.

Vastu and Feng Shui are wonderful to manipulate (positively) the energies of your home to let the “Love” elements remain in the environment while the negative ones are flushed out.

-Rrachita Gupta

Friday, August 24, 2012

The human brain looks just like the Universe

Have a look at these 2 images and u will have a Eureka moment of "Yatha pinde tatha brahmande, yatha brahmande tatha pinde"---"As is the individual, so is the universe, as is the universe, so is the individual". 

The reason why this is bel
ieved is because the Vedic conception of the universe is comparable to that of a FRACTAL. A fractal is known for its self-repeating nature and the universe as described in the Vedas is mentioned as having the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos.

Why are children born at same time/date/place having different destiny paths? Is'nt their horoscope identical?

Once a foreigner interested in the philosophy of Hinduism was waiting for Darshan of Mahaperiva( Most revered Mahaswami)  at Kanchi Mutt to clarify his doubt. Shortly, he got his appointment and without wasting time, he put forth his question.

Swamiji, I understand all your concepts, value them but for one particular faith (i.e.) same soul taking various births, papa, p
unya being carried forward to the next births etc. Can you please make me comfortable on this aspect? Because, in all our religions, we get the reward for what we do in this birth only. (i.e.) if we are honest, God is pleased and blesses us with benefits and we are dishonest, we get punished by Him.

At this point, Periva asked him, whether he owns a car and if he could do a favour of collecting some statistical information within Kancheepuram using his vehicle. The guest readily agreed, at the same time wondering why his question was not answered spontaneously.

Please, Swamiji, go ahead, What is the service you expect me to do now?

Periva said, Please go around 10 maternity centres within Kancheepuram and collect the data of children born within the last 2 days - Child's gender, health condition, parents name, status, educational qualification, time of birth.

The man said - Fine, this is nothing, - immediately rushed in his car like Lord Muruga goes in Thiruvilayadal and within a day he was back in the matam with exact statistics in front of Mahaperiva. He went through the statistics, about 15 children were born in 10 hospitals, 8 female and 7 male infants, out of which 3 children had malnutrition defects, 2 children were the first child of highly rich parents born in luxury hospitals, while 4 were children of coolie labourers who already had few children.

Maha Periva now looked at the gentleman and started asking few questions:

Do you think any of these children have been honest / dishonest within 2 days of their birth? Probably they could not even recognize their own mother. So, they have neither earned papa or punya in this birth.

According to your concepts, all these children should be living exactly identical to each other, but not so practically, some are ill, some are healthy, some are born to rich parents, some are born to poor parents. Remember all children born in the same day, same longitude, latitude, you can't blame their horoscope which is going to be almost identical.

The gentleman was dumbfounded!

It is here the concept of previous birth erupts! All these children have taken their present birth according to their deeds (karma) and the resultant papa, punya which they have assimilated in their previous births.

Monday, August 06, 2012

The "Lonely Moon" and Kemdrum Dosha

Moon, whether in Astrology or Tarot or any other metaphysical science has the most critical rule to play in terms of interpretation.

Moon is an auspicious planet and to have it strong and well placed means easy success in life.

Its the fastest moving planet and thus represents the ever-changing human affairs most strongly. All transits and all dashas are gauged by the Nakshatra/Sign of the natal Moon.

Moon is also the karaka(significator) of the HUMAN MIND AND EMOTIONS and what makes a man. Its the entire response system and emotional stability of a person.

Now when this important celestial body in the chart is afflicted and LONELY or what is technically called the "KEMDRUM DOSH", problems in the person's relationships, finance and stability are bound to occur.

How does the KEMDRUM DOSH occur?

1) The Moon has no planets in the 12th and 2nd house from it.

2) There are no planets in Kendra from it.

3) There are no planets in the Kendra houses of the chart.

Out of this the 1st condition is the most potent.

There are some parihar(softening) of this dosh viz when Moon is conjunct/benefic aspect of Jupiter or when Moon itself moves into one of the Kendra houses.

On the whole this DOSH gives complete inability to make full use of prosperity and opportunities and extreme emotional distance from the world and its complications. It leads to loneliness, detachment and very high level of emotional anxiousness and even depression at times.

Remedies should be performed to strengthen this Moon. Meditation, Yoga, Daily affirmations, Rock Salt and Sugar Baths work wonders. After astrological consultation, gem stone can be worn that balances out the negativity of the Kemdrum Dosh by boosting other masculine planets. 

Pearl/Moon stone should not be worn.

Shiva and NUMBER 3 Magic


*The mountains, 
abode of Lord Shiva are upward pointing triangles.
* The marks on Shiva's forehead are 3 horizontal lines
* The face has 3 eyes or TRINETRA.
*The bilva (bel patra) has 3 leaves, reminding us of the Trishool.
* The posture of the hermit with crossed legs and extended hands is that of an upward pointing triangle.
* The TRISHUL has 3 blades.
* The damroo(rattle drum) is made of two Triangles.

At every Hindu ritual, SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI is chanted-This means peace thrice over.
This signifies the 3 parts of the BRAHMAND that Lord Brahma has created- ME (mind and body) MINE(all that I possess) AND ALL THAT IS NOT MINE.(All that is beyond me and whats mine)

Humans yearn to come to terms with this TRUPURA(3 CITIES). Realisation of the true nature of the TRIPURA will unfortunately reveal their mortal nature and thus the futility of clinging to them. SHIVA IS TRIPURANTAKA, who reveals this Reality and hence destroys TRIPURA .

I believe he is the GOD OF SEAMLESSNESS.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ketu gives best results when ?? (in a kundali/astro chart)

Ketu( (Sanskritकेतु,) is the South Node of The Moon and as per the mythology of Samudra Manthan (Churning of the Great Ocean) , he is the headless dev .

 In Hindu mythology, Ketu is generally referred to as a "shadow" planet. It is believed to have a tremendous impact on human lives and also the whole creation. In some special circumstances it helps someone achieve the zenith of fame. Ketu is often depicted with a gem or star on his head signifying a mystery light.

Ketu is the planet denoting detachment from worldly desires. While its head component Rahu is avaricious and a greedy and scheming go-getter(the degree is determined by what sign Rahu is placed in), Ketu is the planet representing Connection with the Divine, supernatural and meta-physical phenomena.

Ketu is most uncomfortable in the Airy signs because it is headless with no intellectual acumen and the added responsibility of "thinking", "intellectualising and analysing"(typical traits of the Air element) makes it feel chaotic and squirmy.

It feels most comfortable in the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These are watery signs and indicate mutability, emotions and in the division stand for WATER that belongs to no specific LOK but are transcendental. 

4,8,12 or the 23 watery signs are the MOKSH signs(as per the Hindu partition of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha as the 4 pillars of human life purposes) and having the divine Ketu in any of these signs especially Scorpio and Pisces makes a person very fruitful in its functions denoted by Ketu.

Ketu wants to conect with the Universal energy and aims towards attaining Moksh or the universal NOTHINGNESS which Hindu religion talks about.

Ketu is happiest when IT IS. It wants neither happiness, nor sadness, neither comforts nor penury. It just wants to unfathom the mysteries of life by BEING. And the perceptive, occult oriented, deep, penetrating sign of Scorpio and Pisces are where it thrives.

And Ketu by Parashari  astrology school is regarded as exalted in SCORPIO.

Is Rahu really exalted and debilitated? AND why?

Is Rahu really exalted and debilitated? AND why?

Rahu's exaltation and debilitation is a very controversial qn in astrology and there are multiple opinions on it. Actually Rahu is a smokey, hazy planet with no form of its own and generally acquires the personality and mind of the sign it occupies. It rapidly mutates itself and gives results in a kundali as per the sign Lord it is occupying. Thus a Rahu in Leo will be arrogant and showoff while a Rahu of Cancer might be magnanimous in its emotions.

Now where does Rahu feel most comfortable?
Its a materialistic, aspirational planet who never feels satisfied with what it has achieved and is always on the search for MORE, MORE, MORE especially material wealth, fame and authority.
Thus going by its intrinsic nature it feels most COMFORTABLE in EARTHY SIGNS like TAURUS, VIRGO AND CAPRICORN.
*In Taurus its goal of financial security is achieved since thats the guiding principle of this sign. It gets its ideology of acquiring more and more wealth and status symbols just right in TAURUS and thats why most astrologers believe that Taurus is the exaltation sign of Rahu,

*In Virgo it acquires the smartness, the mental acumen to calculate and really devise practical ways to acquire the material wealth that it so hungers for. Virgo is the sign of commerce and calculation and business, something Rahu loves to do and is passionate about.

* In Capricorn it gets the discipline and the sharp focus without any distractions(a Saturn quality) and the strong mindedness to pursue its goals of attaining prosperity and authority.

These are all earthy signs (2,6,10) where the mind and intellect rules and there is detachment from other distractions. 

Rahu feels most UNCOMFORTABLE in watery signs because they instead of giving him clear cut ambition and ruthlessness tend to pull him into a vortex of emotions. EMOTIONS CONFUSE Rahu and he wants to escape the pulls of the heart wherever possible. Thats why Rahu feels POWERLESS IN SCORPIO which is the most profound and deep of the sensitive, watery signs. Scorpio is a sign which questions and questions the motives and wants to get to the core of the matter. Rahu is irritated by all this personal, intimate questioning and wants to be aloof to make his shrewd policies and gain maximum in the minimum time.

Thats the reason why Rahu is "considered" exalted or MOST COMFORTABLE/POWERFUL in Taurus and most powerless in SCORPIO.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Importance of Navamsa Kundli-D9 CHART (DIVISIONAL CHART)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DAAN/DONATION most fruitful if done in right NAKSHATRA

Many people want to do DAAONATION) so if we have some scriptural knowledge that what to gift in which Nakshatra(constellation) then the returns/blessings can be multiplied.

Nakshatra Daan

(Chap 192) Yudhishthir said - "I heard many kinds of Daan, now I want to hear about the things which should be donated for various Nakshatra." Krishn said - "Once Naarad Jee came to Dwaarakaa and my mother Devakee asked him the method of Nakshatra Daan, whatever he told her, I am telling you now.

Krittikaa - Feed Braahman with Ghee and Kheer food - attains good Lok
Rohinee - Feed Braahman Ghee mixed food - attains good Lok
Mrigshiraa - Donate milk to Braahman - to be debt free
Aardraa - Donate Khichadee mixed with Til (sesame seed) - free from all troubles
Punarvasu - Donate Pooaa fried in Ghee - born in good family and gets fame, wealth, and beauty
Pushya - Donate gold - becomes sinless and like Chandramaa
Aashleshaa - Donate silver - becomes fearless and knower of Shaastra
Maghaa - Pitchers full of Til - brings sons, animals and wealth
Poorvaa Phaalgunee - Donate a mare to Braahman - lives in good Lok
Uttaraa Phaalgunee - Donate golden lotus flower - removes all obstacles, goes to Soorya Lok
Hast - Donate golden elephant - goes to Indra Lok riding on elephant
Chitraa - Donate a bull - gets good Punya and enjoys with Apsaraa in Nandan Van
Swaati - Donate whatever you like most - brings good fame
Vishaakhaa - Donate grains and strong bullock cart - pleases Pitar, no pains, free from all sins
Anuraadhaa - Donate blanket and clothes to wear - lives in Swarg for 100 Divine years
Jyeshthaa - Donate various vegetables - attains good Gati
Mool - Donate roots, fruits - satisfies Pitar, gets good Gati
Poorvaa Aashaadhaa - Donate a pot full of yogurt - get son, grandson, grains, and prosperity, is born in good family
Uttaraa Aashaadhaa - Donate barley dish, Ghee, honey and jaggery - fulfills all desires
Abhijit - Donate Ghee, honey and milk - lives in Swarg
Shravan - Donate books - visit all desired Lok riding in Vimaan
Dhanishthaa - Donate two cows - get pleasures for many lives
Shatbhishaa - Donate Agar and sandalwood - goes to Apsaraa Lok
Poorv Bhaadrapad - Donate whole Urad - gets all kinds of foods
Uttar Bhaadrapad - Donate beautiful clothes - satisfies Pitar
Revatee - Donate cow with Kaansaa pot to milk the cow - fulfills all desires
Ashwinee - Donate a chariot with good horse - is born in very wealthy family and is powerful
Bharanee - Donate Til Dhenu - gets good cows, fame and good Gati.

There is no limitation of time, day and season, only Shraddhaa and Bhakti is main.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Moon in Scorpio- Debillitated State

Moon in Vrishchik or Scorpio is very interesting. Its said to be debilitated or NEECH when 0-3 degrees in scorpio.

I personally believe and have found in my personal experience of studying the charts that SUN AND MOON are 2 NATURAL LUMINARIES and can never really be debilitated. Their power only gets reduced somehow.

Having a neech moon is not negative. People may have normal life even with this alignment. Moon is about stability. It does not create turmoil in your life.

Moon is about intensity. Moon in this rashi means very vivid mental imagery and a very intense childhood. Mother may be autocratic and in youth you may be rebellious because of this constrained environment. You may become self defensive because subconsciously you are attacking the leashes that ur childhood ambience forced on you. Thats why these people come across as stingy, on the edge and vindictive to most others who  do not understand them.

Debilitated moon is not a debilitated/weak mind. It means a VERY INTENSE MIND, capable of absorbing informations and psychic waves that no normal mind is capable of. Its an investigative mind. In a relationship you talk smartly to find out what makes the person tick. You avoid being controlled and thus get extra information to keep yourself safe.

Uncanny interest in the UNKNOWN, PARANORMAL, TABOO SUBJECTS, METAPHYSICS etc , also make fearless generals and policemen and also attorneys. They are INVESTIGATIVE LITTLE DYNAMOS.

There are 3 nakshatras in Moon in scorpio- Vishakha(ruledby Jupiter), Anuradha(Saturn) and Jyeshtha(Mercury.). Which is the nakshatra your Moon actually lies in will  modify the attributes of the Scorpio Moon too.

Its about passions, passion for finding the truth. You study and analyse with more fierce determination than any other sign. Its a sign of great mental strength. It gives an obsessive, unique mind. JUST BE SURE TO DONT GET ON THEIR WRONG SIDE.

If they love you, they will love you to death, every breath will be filled with your thoughts.
If they dislike you, prepared to HAVE UR LIFE STORY UNFOLDED BIT BY BIT by this intense, digging, sharp mind.

Heart Disease- The Planetary story

The heart is the centre stone, the central fuel tank of the wonderful human machinery.

Its sound functioning is integral to a person's well being and healthy blood pumping and circulation.

Sun is the primary karaka of the human heart in a kundali and how strong or weak the Sun is(measured by various astrological technical data parameters) will decide how strong your heart is.

Moon controls the blood flow into the heart.

Mars controls the muscle element in the body and since Heart is the most vitally throbbing muscle in the body, this planet also has to be studied carefully.

Jupiter  is also integral since it controls the arteries and the veins.

If Sun is well placed but Jupiter it might lead to artery blockage. Needs to be checked.

The HOUSE of heart is the 4th house.

Thus if there is Sun in 4th house but its debilitated, it means a heart problem of great intensity since its the hub area of this organ with nopower of its own.
So while looking at a heart ailment in chart, study the SUN and the 4TH HOUSE  IN DETAIL. THESE ARE PRIMARY.
The No2 significators are MOON, MARS AND JUPITER.

Going a level deeper, the astrologer needs to see also the nakshatra in which these planets are placed. That gives you  a good idea of whether a heart attack can occur and the timing of the event.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012



Jalabhishek(water offering) appeases Lord Shiva and makes all the wishes come true. According to legends, during sagar mathan a very deadly poison emerged from the depth of the sea. This poison could destroy the whole creation of God.

Lord Shiva drank that poison in order to save the world. Although, he did not let the poison reach his stomach but he still felt the side effects of the poison. He felt as if he was on fire. This is why offering water to Lord Shiva is considered good.

Neelkanth feels pacified and cared for.

Offering water to Lord Shiva appeases him and helps us attain 'moksha'. Water represents knowledge and ignorance is considered the reason behind the cycle of birth and death.



You may need to do this several times. If after doing this exercise the situation or person still brings up emotion, repeat the following day or more until it feels "flat". Do this no more than once a day.


Stabbed in the back by a “frenemy”

Unfortunately, many of us have had this experience. Someone you thought was a friend turned around and betrayed you. Maybe she started a cyber-bullying campaign against you. Maybe he slandered you to the boss. Maybe she seduced your boyfriend.

Whatever happened, you can still feel the knife in your back. And it hurts. You lost more than just a friendship. You lost trust in that person, and you may have also lost trust in your ability to choose friends wisely.

Other than indulging in revenge fantasies, what can you do so you don’t have to carry around that painful connection to a “frenemy?”

There is a shamanic technique I learned long ago that can recover your energy lost in the encounter and disconnect you from that person. It’s a simple but powerful technique.

My blog on the Huffington Post about how to remove that virtual knife from your back:

There was a gal I knew in college -- let's call her Lola -- who delighted in sleeping with the boyfriends of other girls. Lola would get friendly with the couple, the unsuspecting gal would start to trust Lola, and wham! Lola would seduce her guy. Lola got whatever Lola wanted, and you got an energetic knife in the back. As the saying goes, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

One minute you're red-hot furious at Lola; you'd like to poke out her eyes and drop-kick her across town. The next minute you're wondering what you did wrong. How come you didn't see this coming? Aren't you sexy enough for him? Too fat? Too flat-chested? Too bossy?

You may start to feel like you've got a constant cold, your immune system is shot, you're gaining weight from drowning your sorrows in ice cream, you've let yourself go, and you're just so tired all the time. Where has your energy, your passion for life, gone? Other than going after Lola with a pitchfork, what can you do to put this experience behind you?

You can remove the energetic connection you have with Lola or, for that matter, with anyone who has stuck a proverbial knife in your back. Maybe it was placed there by a jealous co-worker, relative or ex; energetically, they all work the same. Indigenous peoples knew that energy was real, even though it couldn't be seen. They knew how to remove virtual knives. One of their techniques that works well and I can pass it on to you.

Here are five simple steps to remove a virtual knife from your back:

1. Sit with your eyes closed.

2. Picture your Lola in front of you. Visualize her in as much detail as possible, including her surroundings.

3. Breathe in as you turn your head from the center to the left; breathe out as you turn your head over to the right. Breathe in, head to left, breathe out, head to right. Keep picturing your Lola as she comes more sharply into focus.

4. As you continue the breathing pattern, recall the events that happened until there is nothing left to process emotionally. This may take 10 or 15 minutes, and you may want to repeat it several days in a row, until you feel very little emotion during the process.

5. Disconnect each time you do the exercise by doing three sweeping motions with the head -- right, left, right -- but with no breath. Let your head come to rest in the center.

The shamans of ancient Mexico teach that the breath in this exercise retrieves your energy from the scene and disconnects you from the negativity sent your way. By breathing in from right to left while remembering a feeling, your breath picks up your spent energy, and it's the expenditure of your own energy that is so aging. The exhalation from left to right gets rid of any unwanted energy left in your own energy field. I teach shamanic techniques like this one in my new book, "Be Your Own Shaman."

Chances are, you'll feel more vital and alive after the exercise. And you know you're much, much wiser now about whom you'll choose to befriend next time.

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According to the Purans, when “SHANI DEV “(SATURN) was in the womb of his mother that time she use to meditate deeply for a long time-SADHNA. Though “SHANI DEV “(SATURN) got this dark complexion and Meditation or Sadhna became a part of their nature and they became a devotee of “LORD KRISHNA” & “LORD SHIVA”. “SHANI DEV“(SATURN) were so deserving that “LORD SHIVA” was internally forced to accept “SHANI DEV“(SATURN) their Shishya or we can student. Then there was no reason for that “SHANI DEV “(SATURN) was made to diversify. The result of this hard meditational Sadhna gave direct effect on their body as they became Dugdhdehi that means a person having fire effect on the body due to meditation. This became a reason because of what it became a ritual to offer oil bath or we can say Telabhishek to “SHANI DEV “(SATURN). We are providing some properties of “SHANI DEV “(SATURN) as a table below.

Gotra : Kashyap.

¬ Father’s name : Surya (Sun).

¬ Mother’s name : Chaya, Suwarna.

¬ Complexion : Dark, Black or Blackish Blue.

¬ Brothers : Yam, Sawerni Manu, Ashwani Kumar.

¬ Sister : Tapti, Yamuna.

¬ Guru : Lord Shankar.

¬ Ishta Dev : Lord Krishna.

¬ Birth place : Saurashtra (Gujrat).

¬ Devta : Yam.

¬ Direction : West.

¬ Permanent House in horo. : Tenth.

¬ Element : Wind.

¬ Best House in Horo. : 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 12th.

¬ Worst House in horo. : 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th.

¬ Own Houses : 6th, 8th, 12th.

¬ Power : Magistrate.

¬ Favorite color : Black, Blue, Saffron.

¬ Favorite Grain : Black Grams, Urad Grain.

¬ Property : Tamogun.

¬ Nature (medical) : Windy.

¬ Friends : Lord Hanuman, Lord Bhairav.

¬ Enemy planets : Sun, Moon, Mars.

¬ Friendly Planets : Mercury, Rahu, Ketu, Venus.

¬ Weather : Winter.

¬ Full power at : Libra.

¬ Lowest power at : Aries.

¬ Sets at : Cancer, Leo.

¬ Painful at : Scorpio.

¬ Taste : Bitter.

¬ Gem stone : Blue Sapphire.

¬ Mattel : Iron.

¬ Rotation Period : 30 months per Rashi.

¬ Powerful in : Night.

¬ Behavior : Harsh.

¬ Nature : serious, Lonely, Blunt, Frank,

Loyal, Sacrificing, Religious.

¬ Friendly Rashies : Taurus, Gemini, Virgo.

¬ Own Rashies : Capricorn, Aquarius.

¬ Nakshatras : Pushya, Uttera-Bhadrapad, Anuradha.

¬ Major period : 19 YEARS.

¬ Days Related to Saturn : No moon nights ( amavasya),Saturday,

Very First day of Hindu calendar,

Every Eight day of Hindu calendar


¬ Physical Problems : Stomach pain, Paralysis, Partial

paralysis, right side Pains, Muscular

pains, diabetes, less platelets count

of Blood.

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Scientific Reason :

There are thousands of temples all over India in different size, shape and locations but not all of them are considered to be built the Vedic way. Generally, a temple should be located at a place where earth's magnetic wave path passes through densely. It can be in the outskirts of a town/village or city, or in middle of the dwelling place, or on a hilltop. The essence of visiting a temple is discussed here.

Now, these temples are located strategically at a place where the positive energy is abundantly available from the magnetic and electric wave distributions of north/south pole thrust. The main idol is placed in the core center of the temple, known as "*Garbhagriha*" or *Moolasthanam*. In fact, the temple structure is built after the idol has been placed. This *Moolasthanam* is where earth’s magnetic waves are found to be maximum. We know that there are some copper plates, inscribed with Vedic scripts, buried beneath the Main Idol. What are they really? No, they are not God’s / priests’ flash cards when they forget the *shlokas*. The copper plate absorbs earth’s magnetic waves and radiates it to the surroundings. Thus a person regularly visiting a temple and walking clockwise around the Main Idol receives the beamed magnetic waves and his body absorbs it. This is a very slow process and a regular visit will let him absorb more of this positive energy. Scientifically, it is the positive energy that we all require to have a healthy life.

Further, the Sanctum is closed on three sides. This increases the effect of all energies. The lamp that is lit radiates heat energy and also provides light inside the sanctum to the priests or *poojaris* performing the pooja. The ringing of the bells and the chanting of prayers takes a worshipper into trance, thus not letting his mind waver. When done in groups, this helps people forget personal problems for a while and relieve their stress. The fragrance from the flowers, the burning of camphor give out the chemical energy further aiding in a different good aura. The effect of all these energies is supplemented by the positive energy from the idol, the copper plates and utensils in the *Moolasthan*am / *Garbagraham*. *Theertham*, the “holy” water used during the pooja to wash the idol is not
plain water cleaning the dust off an idol. It is a concoction of Cardamom,*Karpura* (Benzoin), zaffron / saffron, *Tulsi* (Holy Basil), Clove, etc...Washing the idol is to charge the water with the magnetic radiations thus increasing its medicinal values. Three spoons of this holy water is distributed to devotees. Again, this water is mainly a source of magneto-therapy. Besides, the clove essence protects one from tooth decay, the saffron & *Tulsi* leafs protects one from common cold and cough, cardamom and *Pachha Karpuram* (benzoin), act as mouth fresheners. It is proved that *Theertham* is a very good blood purifier, as it is highly energized. Hence it is given as *prasadam* to the devotees. This way, one can claim to remain healthy by regularly visiting the Temples. This is why our elders used to suggest us to offer prayers at the temple so that you will be cured of many ailments. They were not always superstitious. Yes, in a few cases they did go overboard when due to ignorance they hoped many serious diseases could be cured at temples by deities. When people go to a temple for the *Deepaaraadhana*, and when the doors open up, the positive energy gushes out onto the persons who are there. The water that is sprinkled onto the assemblages passes on the energy to all. This also explains why men are not allowed to wear shirts at a few temples and women are requested to wear more ornaments during temple visits. It is through these jewels (metal) that positive energy is absorbed by the women. Also, it is a practice to leave newly purchased jewels at an idol’s feet and then wear them with the idol’s blessings. This act is now justified after reading this article. This act of “seeking divine blessings” before using any new article, like books or pens or automobiles may have stemmed from this through mere observation.

Energy lost in a day’s work is regained through a temple visit and one is refreshed slightly. The positive energy that is spread out in the entire temple and especially around where the main idol is placed, are simply absorbed by one's body and mind. Did you know, every Vaishnava(Vishnu devotees), “must” visit a Vishnu temple twice every day in their location. Our practices are NOT some hard and fast rules framed by 1 man and his followers or God’s words in somebody’s dreams. All the rituals, all the practices are, in reality, well researched, studied and scientifically backed thesis which form the ways of nature to lead a good healthy life.

The scientific and research part of the practices are well camouflaged as “elder’s instructions” or “granny’s teaching’s” which should be obeyed as a mark of respect so as to once again, avoid stress to the mediocre brains.

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छत्तीसगढ़ राज्य की राजधानी रायपुर से 120 किमी दूर और शिवरीनारायण से 3 किमी दूरी पर खरौद नगर है। यह क्षेत्र एक समय में प्राचीन छत्तीसगढ़ के पांच ललित केन्द्रों में से एक है।
इस क्षेत्र को मोक्षदाई नगर माने जाने के कारण इसे छत्तीसगढ़ की काशी भी कहा जाता है। यहां रामायणकालीन अति प्राचीन लक्ष्मणेश्वर महादेव मंदिर है

 इस मंदिर में भगवान शिव का लिंग है, जिसमें एक लाख छिद्र हैं, इस कारण इसे लक्षलिंग कहा जाता है, इसमें से एक छिद्र पातालगामी हैं, जिसमें कितना भी पानी डाला जाए, उतना ही समाहित हो जाता है, छिद्र के बारे में कहा जाता है कि इसका रास्ता पाताल की ओर जाता है।

इसके निर्माण की कथा यह है कि रावण का वध करने के बाद श्रीराम को ब्रह्म हत्या का पाप लगा, क्योंकि रावण एक ब्राह्मण था। इस पाप से मुक्ति पाने के लिए श्रीराम और लक्ष्मण रामेश्वर लिंग की स्थापना करते हैं। शिव के अभिषेक के लिए लक्ष्मण सभी प्रमुख तीर्थ स्थलों से जल एकत्रित करते हैं।
इस दौरान वे गुप्त तीर्थ शिवरीनारायण से जल लेकर अयोध्या के लिए निकलते समय रोगग्रस्त हो गए। रोग से छुटकारा पाने के लिए लक्ष्मण शिव की आराधना की, इससे प्रसन्न होकर शिव दर्शन देते हैं और लक्षलिंग रूप में विराजमान होकर लक्ष्मण को पूजा करने के लिए कहते हैं। लक्ष्मण शिवलिंग की पूजा करने के बाद रोग मुक्त हो जाते हैं और ब्रह्म हत्या के पाप से भी मुक्ति पाते हैं, इस कारण यह शिवलिंग लक्ष्मणेश्वर के नाम से प्रसिद्ध हुआ।