Thursday, June 02, 2016

Crystal cleansing methods by

Let us explore few crystal cleansing methods here:
Note: I would suggest using Reiki symbols and Reiki flow for every cleansing method. Reiki all the cleansing material used: salt, water, container, candle etc.
Salt Water: Add salt to water and soak crystals for few hours in salt water. Not all crystals resonate with salt and water, so check before soaking crystals.
Dry Salt: Place your crystals in a bowl of dry sea salt/rock salt/Himalayan salt. Make sure there are no left over salt particles once you are done cleansing.
Running water: Hold your crystal under a tap, stream or any form of fresh running water. Imagine all the accumulated negative energy flowing away with running water.
Earth: Place your crystals back to its original cradle. Bury your crystals in your garden, planter or backyard. Alternatively, gather some soil in a container and bury your crystal. After removing, wipe it clean and make sure no soil particles are left.
Breathe: Hold your crystal in your palm and blow forcefully on your crystal. Imagine you are blowing a white light over crystals. Keep blowing till you feel your crystal is shiny or simply blow thrice with the intention to cleanse.
Flame: Just rotate your crystal 7 times over a candle flame to cleanse it. You can even pass your crystal quickly through flame.
Moon/Sun: This is one of the simplest and safest methods. Simply leave your crystals out in sunlight or moon light. Not all crystals resonate with sunlight so please check crystal’s properties before placing in sunlight.
Smudging: Use sage or incense stick to cleanse the crystal. Simply pass your crystal through sage/incense stick smoke.
Reiki only: Hold crystal in palm and draw CKR. Give Reiki with the intention to remove negative energy from the crystal.
Bell or Singing Bowl: The vibration of the bell or the singing bowl has the power to cleanse your crystals. Just play the sound of bell/singing bowl near the crystals.
Selenite: Selenite is considered as ‘Universal Stone Cleaner’. It does not need cleansing. Simply place your crystal over a selenite cluster or place selenite over your crystal. Alternatively, put all crystals in a box and program your selenite to cleanse all crystals in the box.
Beach: Going to a beach? Take your crystal along and cleanse with sea water.
Pendulum: Program your pendulum to cleanse the crystal and hold it over your crystal.
Third Eye: Direct white light on your crystals with your third eye with the set intention.Crystal Clusters/Geode: Some crystals ( citrine, carnelian, selenite) doesn’t need frequent cleansing. They can be used to cleanse other crystals too. Simply place your crystals on the geode or cluster.
Plants: Lay your crystal besides your favorite flower or plant. Plants have the natural ability to transmute negative energy to positive energy.
Pyramid dome: The shape of a pyramid itself is very powerful. Place your crystals under the pyramid dome. Pyramid dome neutralizes the accumulated negative energy of crystals when placed inside the dome.
Flower essence: Soak flower petals of any flower in water for few hours. Fill this water in a spray bottle and spray on crystals.

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