Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If God is within, why go to Temple?

Some people have asked me that if Brahman/Supreme God resides within our heart why do we need to go to the Temple? Why is home worship not enough?

My reply is that the soul is a reservoir of Magnetic Energy vibrations. They receive maximum purification and most sattvik Recharging in the temple since the vastu there is the most pure. God is really present there without any interference by negativeenergies. So go to temple occasionally (if regular not possible, though its desirable), purify your electro magnetic aura and then return home and keep the micro level charging going on by mantra recitation and lighting incense in home temple at a daily level.

This regular cleansing process is a sure shot way to let no grime settle in! The daily cleansing and moisturising formula for ur Inner Self.

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