Thursday, February 07, 2013

Pratapgarh Farms-NCR Day Trip from Delhi & Gurgaon

If you are looking for a day out in the green fields, swaying trees and some good food and fun family activities, Pratapgarh Farms(Jhajjar, Haryana, 80kms from Delhi) is an attractive option. The ad has been appearing frequently highlighting its appeal and my review is based on a personal visit there with my family and friends recently.
This agricultural and rural setting oriented farm is located amongst verdant mustard fields.The setting is open and outdoorsy. How to reach there is given at the bottom of the review there. The entry ticket is Rs 690 for adults and its very economical, considering that this encompasses all the rides and activities on the farm and unlimited food (majorly North Indian delicacies).

Its advisable to reach here bright and early. The farm opens at 9.30 am and there is spacious parking outside for 4 wheelers and even buses and tempos, the latter also frequenting this popular place. Its a hit with school children, college hroups and even for corporate day-outs besides the regular family visitors. As teh day progresses, more and more people pour in making it overcrowded and noisy. As soon as one enters, a traditional welcome is given with aarti and tikka. The security guard punches the entry ticket. The ticket is a precious document here since it contains the entry for all the activities(pictorially represented) and is required to be produced for checking before the activity. So keep it safely. It also gives the plan layout for the farm.

The farm is divided into 6 LAWNS, each delineated for a specific set of matching activities..
LAWN 1: archery, airgun, gulel, dart throwing, DJ Music

LAWN 2: Camel ride, Camel cart, pottery, charkha (loom), mehandi and herbal gardens

LAWN 3: Dairy, biogas plant, vermicompost, Mudbath and tubewell bathing, etc

LAWN 4: Burma bridge, tugofwar, table tennis, carrom, kanchagoli, kite flying

LAWN 5: cricket, volleyball, soccer, pithoo,  etc

LAWN 6: Tractor, bullock cart ride, agriculture activities

Food: There is traditional Indian breakfast of bajra and makki rotis, sarson ka sag served with delicious home made white butter and jaggery(gud) served in the small huts in Lawn 1. Village ladies sit near typical wood fired ovens and make the food fresh and piping hot. There is rabri, chach and leminade served all day long. Also on offer are alloo parathas , puri-aloo and gajar ka halwa to start the day with. 

Once done with food, you can opt for the multitude of games and rides. We started with the camel ride and it was quite enjoyable though short lived. Then it was time to cross the Burma bridge over the pond, pose by the Village well and see some enthusiastic males dipping in the tubewell bath section. One can carry a change of clothing if you wish to indelge in this but a word of caution: The water is greenish and not very clean and there is no provacy for ladies to change. In the summer months it can be enjoyed  but by the male members and children only ,  for lack of privacy factor.

Then for the energetic and enthusiastic there are many sports on offer like football, cricket, basketball etc. The sporting gear is all available at the premises and one need not carry anything with them. What I liked most about the entire experience was the proximity to natural beauty found abundantly in Lawn 6. Its a relatively quieter lawn/corner and there are a variety of vegetables planted there like spinach, carrots, turnip etc . Its exciting for the children and adults(who have the child alive within them!) to see the plants growing and flourishing in green fields. There are leisurly bullock cart rides and tractor rides to take you around this vegetation farm.

The DJ is super active and belted out all the current hits all in nonstop succession and the dance floor was never vacant as there were enough dancers who wanted to enjoy the festive environment.

On the flip side, the landscaping is still immature and trees were of short height. Dust level was high and so was the sheer number of people all cloistered in the lawns that have been bunched together without any buffer zones to let the crowds breathe. There are lobg queues for mehandi and pottery etc and one has to wait patiently. So if you are prepared for a relaxing, no hurry kind of day then its all good fun.
For a day full of food, fun and a glimpse of rural India , Pratapgarh Farms is one of the best options near Delhi.

How to Reach : Take MG Road to IFFCO CHOWK->RAJIV CHOWK->Take left underpass and turn right towards Pataudi Chowk-> Farukhnagar Town->Jhajjar Town. From Jhajjar there are regular markings to guide you to the destination.