Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Camphor-Nirakara / Formless Shivling

Shivling made using Karpura – Karpur (Camphor) is worshipped widely in many homes and in sacred places. Worship of this Shivling is primarily done for attaining spiritual purpose. A single camphor piece is given the Shivling shape or powdered camphor is used to make the Shivling.

Benefits of worshipping Karpur Shivling include peace, happiness, spiritual inclination and success in efforts to attain liberation.

The Karpur Shivling is not lit. Only prayers are offered. This is basically an attempt to give form to the nirakar – formless Shiva.

After puja, the Shivling is dismantled and the camphor is used for daily puja activities.

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  1. Install gemstone Shivling at home to derive dual benefits of Shivling and gemstone. Regular Shivling puja brings harmony, bliss and prosperity at home.