Friday, June 13, 2014

Dining Room Vastu - Lets eat our way to a great Life!!

  • DINING ROOM in West of house/office is best.
  • the head of the family while eating should face east  while other mebers can face the East, west or North. No member should face the South because it can cause small disputes.

  • The entrance to dining room should be from East, West or North

  • Shape of Dining table should NOT be oval, round or triangular. It should be square or rectangular. The Dining table should not touch the wall.

  • Water should be in NE of Dining Room/area.

  • Wash basin is best located in NW or SE

  • The color scheme should be yellow based as it invokes the "UDARAGNI" or Digestive fires and helps better the metabolism of the residents eating in the area.

  • Pictures of flowers, foods and fruits helps the environment to be cheerful, promote healthy conversation.
Bon Appetit:) 

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