Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My prediction coming true Prashna Kundali- A case study


Couple of days back I got a matchmaking case on urgent basis as fast decision had to be reached. The gun milan was 24/36, both non manglik and most importantly families knew each other and were keen to close the arranged match. My astrological analysis: Though the match was suitable as per data somehow when I did the matching with other planets(which I do in detail in case of match making) I was not convinced but i kept the doubt to myself. But I told the boy's mom that do not invest too much emotionally in this match as fate is playing strong part. 

At 7PM today, they were to do final baat-cheet(discussions) so I did a PRASHNA KUNDALI(HORARY) that I normally do for my own study to know whether this match will happen or not. 09.6.14, 18:58 hrs, Delhi. The lagan is Scorpio and lagnesh Mars and though in 11th house its in akarak planet's rashi. Moon the main planet in such horary in in Papkartari yog (12th house enmeshed between malefic Rahu and saturn). The 7th hs Lord Venus is 12th to itself posited with the disruptive Ketu. 10th hs lord Sun( 10th hs causes relationships to break rather than unite) is sitting in 7th house itself. All signals pointing to a FAILED ALLIANCE.

ASTROLOGY MAGIC: the phone just rang at 7:15pm saying that AS PREDICTED BY ME, THE MATCH HAS BEEN CALLED OFF BY THE BOY AND GIRL as BOY WANTS TO GO ABROAD while Girl has India plans.


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