Thursday, February 12, 2015

Vastu Basics for your HAPPY HOME by

Each direction carries much importance and following Vastu principles and remedies and décor ideas as per the attributes of the direction will surely bless you with peace, harmony and prosperity in your life.
Practical guidance for designing a premises that can bring you peace and freedom of thought:

·        The central part of the premises should preferably be open to the sky(if possible). It should otherwise be treated as an atrium/lounge that is free of furniture and uncluttered.

·        The North direction should be open and airy and contain some water body since the aquatic element is predominant. If a large water body is not possible. Keep a large glass bowl filled with water and fresh leaves of tulsi floating in it . Changing the water everyday is best. This provides creative stimulation and also any kind of communication barriers between members will improve.

·        Study your horoscope if you are cognizant with the elements of astrology or get it professionally read. The 12th house is the hub of bondages and limitations in your life. This also pertains to the mental realm and if possessing benefic planets and planetary aspects can lead to great mental liberation and ability to evolve spiritually even while fulfilling the responsibilities of the mundane earthly affairs.

Remedies to make this house strong should be followed.

·        The NW direction signifies the mind. If this is unbalanced in the premises, it leads to mental unrest, depression, sadness, isolation from people surrounding you. Focus on keeping this direction low lying than rest of the structure. Install wind chimes and bagua mirror to keep the positive energies flowing in and out of this direction. It can lead to  creativity if handled well.

·        Sleep with head towards South for peaceful sleep where the mind is rested all through the night, free from anxiety and excess worries and this in turn gives stamina to freely translate visions to action.

·        Study with your desk/table against the western wall. This improves concentration, makes retention faster and more permanent and you absorb more in shorter time. This leaves you free to pursue other activities of your will.

·        South should be used for storage of all such stuff that is not needed on a regular basis. Keep this side relatively darker with heavy blinds or construct walls to keep out natural sunshine. Hang pictures of your ancestors on the southern wall.

·        When South side is in balance it gives exceptionally free mind and heart from all worries. It entails blessings of the departed souls as also the vigour and resilience to brave all setbacks of life. It infuses optimism and that is the cornerstone of all CREATION.

Sir Winston Churchhill said once – “ We shape our buildings. Therefore they shape us”. Its remarkable that The Western world by empirical observation(they do not have a tradition of Vastu nor its rich literature that India is blessed with) came to same conclusion that we propagate in the name of Vastu Shastra. This lends contemporary validation to this ancient science.*

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