Thursday, April 27, 2017

various essential oils and their uses

Here we have a list of various essential oils and their uses.
Anise Oil: Will help to increase clairvoyance, purification and protection. Great for purification rituals
Benzoin Oil: Mainly used in purification rituals and prosperity spells, you can also add benzoin to  any oil blend as it also acts like a preservative.
Camphor Oil: Divination, prophetic dreams, psychic awareness, etc it is great to use in rituals to banish ill health.
Cinnamon Oil: Is used for astral projection, prosperity, riches and lust potions and is used in moon rituals.
Sage Oil: Is great to be used for protection, cleansing from negativity, banishing rituals and to remove bad spirits.
Clove Oil: Used in banishing rituals, also will enhance wisdom, ward of negative thoughts, and also for inspiration.
Dragon’s Blood Oil: Used mainly in love attraction potions, exorcism and protection rituals.
Eucalyptus Oil: Great for purifying, healing etc and is great to be used as an anointing oil and for purification rituals.
Frankincense Oil: Use for spirituality, exorcism, purification, and in luck and protection rites.
Ginger Oil: Used in Success spells, or to ensure the success of love and prosperity spells.
Jasmine Oil: Used in love and money spells, helps with dreaming, hold attraction.
Lavender Oil:  Is widely used in cleansing rituals, healing and love.
Lemongrass Oil: Provides a person with psychic mental clarity
Lime Oil: Used to increase energy, fidelity and loyalty, also used to keep a relationship faithful.
Lotus Oil: Assists with elevating physical awareness, protection, great for anointing and is very cleansing.
Orange Oil: Will help to attract men, peace, personal power, luck.
Patchouli Oil: Assists in mastering skills, growth, love and physical attraction
Peppermint Oil: Gives energy, mental stimulant, enhances vitality, great for anointing.
Pine Oil: Grounding, strengthening cleansing for rituals and sacred spaces.
Sandalwood Oil: Assists in spirituality, self healing, healing rituals to banish illness and to ward from disease.
Vanilla Oil: Lust, mental powers, sexual prowess, personal power rituals.
Ylang-Ylang Oil: Use to bring peace, and for love and sex spells, wear on the body, blend with sweet oils.

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