Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Survival in this poisonous age

Query: A mosquito lives for less than two months (the male lives for only about 10 days), and within that short span of time it becomes immune to every deadly poison invented by man. The collective consciousness of the mosquitoes passes this information to the next generation - through mutated genes; and the newer generations are born with immunity. How cool is that!

So, what makes us think that human cells don't develop immunity against poisons or that human cells don't mutate and pass on the genetic information? Well, we all know that it happens. And yet, we don't trust our innate intelligence. We have more faith in the mosquito's capability than in our own.

This also makes me think that we don't really have to artificially immunize through vaccinations; the environment itself does it in an organic manner.

Vaccinations may be needed if we are being uprooted from one environment and moving into another which has different kinds of pathogens in their environs.


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I disagree.

Mosquitoes have a far larger population and reproductive rate than we can ever imagine. Also not all of them get uniformly immune at the same time. Many, most in fact, die off.

Are we prepared to let our kids die?

Also, turnover rate for mosquitoes is high unlike ours which is 20 years or so. They produce subsequent generations quickly enough for the immunity to show. We don’t. We can’t. Unless we make kids have kids.

Next, vaccination doesn’t act on everyone uniformly. Some don’t get immunity no matter what. Some cannot be immunized due to inherent issues or age. How we survive nevertheless is because the rest of the Individuals stay immune and this produces herd immunity, thus protecting the weaker individuals. If we were to convince even subtly that immunization is not needed, it would result in a fresh breakout. This happened in the US where the anti vaccination drive is much stronger than before. Kids died of measles, a disease we have effective vaccine for. Needlessly.

India is catching up. So let’s be very very careful making statements that can sway this stance and push us back into poliomyelitis and other deadly diseases killing off half our population like mosquitoes. I am sorry i am way out of your league spiritually and experience wise but I always call a spade a spade. I couldn’t resist especially when i see people killing their kids with their refusal to immunize.

This organic immunity you say will take time to work. We already have stopped vaccinating people for smallpox. But it’s too early for the rest of them. Please trust doctors and scientists. You speak about human immunity to poison. Can’t we then accept what experienced persons tell us? They’re not even poisoning us.

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