Friday, September 20, 2013

It's time to clean our mirrors and reflect the pure light !! New Age Consciousness

As we enter into this new change please realize our old ways of thinking are no longer serving us. It's time to clean our mirrors and reflect the pure light and love that we are. It's time to wake up and take 100% responsibility for everything. The experiences you experience are only manifestations as to what is in you. Everything is a divine spark of God. When we see the divinity in ourself we will see the divinity in everything else. Even our speech patterns must change during this new paradigm. When we say others are not ready we are truly saying we are not ready. Realize we are the light and where there is light darkness can not be. Everything in our external world is reflecting our internal world. When we change our internal world our external world will reflect that back to us. Be the bright pure clean mirror and be amazed how everything reflects back the reflection that you are. Everything and everyone is the divine spark of God and is ready for the NOW. I declare and decree you are the leadership the heavens have been awaiting. Say YES to your assignments. Get rid of old beliefs. Step into your greatness and allow the miraculous manifestations to begin. The universe is awaiting your arrival. The time for heaven on earth is NOW. You have been given the power and authority. NOW walk into it with Love, Grace, and Ease. BE the reflection and watch everything change in an instant.

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