Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shraadh/Pitra paksh 2013 ...20 Sep-4Oct


This time in Shraadh Paksha do NOT make any mistake..........
On Day of Shraadh of Your ancestor, feed a Brahmin or two more, and before anyone eats in the House, go out, find a Cow be it may be 5-10 Kms ahead of your house that you find one, does not matter, but let the first serving of the morning Shraadh preparations be given to the cow, in name of your dead ancestor.
The Brahmin who comes to eat at your House must also be given a set of 5 Clothes ( One Dhoti, One Kurta , Handkerchief, Socks and a Towel). In lie of Kurta, you may also give a Kurta piece.Or a Pant Shirt Piece may also be given as today most of the Brahmins wear Pant-Shirt.
Also avoid coming too close to your Partners during the whole of Shraadh Paksha.

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