Monday, December 08, 2014

Six Shastras of Ancient India

Six Shastras of Ancient India.

1) Sankhyashastra (Mathematics):- Kapil Muni is founder of this science. Prakruti and Purush is elucidates in Sankhya shastra. Prakruti is Karta(Founder) and Purush is Aatma(soul/ user) is considered here.

2)Yog Shastra:- Patanjali is foundr of this shastra. it decribe way and features of Yoga.

3) Nyayashastra(Law):- Gautam Muni founded this Shastra.

4) Vaisheshik Shastra:- This science fonded by Kanak Muni.

5) Purvamimansa:- Its Founded by Jeminy Muni.

6) Uttar Mimansa Shastra:- It is Founded by Baadrayan Vyas.

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