Friday, June 16, 2017

Recall dream to make life powerful

I had mentioned a few days back on posting about tips to improve dream re call. Once again all of us dream. But our ability to remember and recall our dream fades over a period of time or isnt really developed. Here are some simple tips to help you remember your dreams. (Dreams are important messengers and bring valuable guidance and healing. More so, dreams are free tools available to us for healing. So those of you who feel, you cant afford healing sessions or workshops, learn how to harness the power of your dreams and start working with this wonderful night time oracle.

Few of the many tips to improve dream re call :-

(1) Before going to bed, set the intention to remember your dreams.
(2) Avoid using an alarm clock. Train your body to wake you up instead. The sound of the alarm clock can abrupt the dream process
(3) Set an intention for the night (what you want to dream about - want some guidance, need a healing or just visit some places or have fun)
(4)Having set your intention, make sure you have the means to honor it. Keep pen and paper (or a tape recorder) next to our bed so you are ready to record something when you wake up
(5)If you still don’t have a dream, write something down anyway: whatever is in your awareness, including feelings and physical sensations. You are catching the residue of a dream even if the dream itself is gone. And as you do this, you are saying to the source of our dreams, “I’m listening. Talk to me.”

Keep Dreaming !!

Ref: Ms Nanwani

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