Friday, January 20, 2012

How True are the Predictions shown on TV and in Newspapers?

Every morning it has become almost an addiction for millions of people across the world to open the TV/Newspaper and browse through the Daily/Monthly Forecast for their Sign. They then feel elated or disappointed or cautious throughout the day.

It saddens me, to see such gullibility where people accept with blind faith the content written/televised. This content is purely commercial and mass driven and the people who churn out these paragraphy, apart from very few genuine ones, do so with NO REGARD to Basic Rules Of Astrology and Prediction.

Suppose you were born on 18th August. Would you not with your eyes closed assume you are a Leo native and thus scan the Forecast columns for predicting Leo traits and future. This is not RIGHT. The date of Birth only tells of one of the 3 methods used for Forecasting.

The Most important component for any prediction is :

1. Ascendant...Lagna...1st house Lord of the Horoscope
2. Moon Sign Lord...Rashi Lord

and Lastly

3. Sun Sign  Lord

Thus to assume that the entire world population is divided into 12 Zodiac Signs only would mean each Zodiac sign includes 0.6 billion people having similar personality and whats more DO THEY AND CAN THEY SHARE A SIMILAR FUTURE PREDICTION. They are all from different environmental setups and cannot share so much sameness in their life.

Thus the columns in the media are flawed and very marginal. DO NOT TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY. SUN SIGN only makes up about 30% of who you are and thus SUN SIGN PREDICTION is quite childish.

One, if possible must consult an astrologer to know their Ascendant, Moon Sign also and then scan the columns to know the collective forces of the planets that will be influencing their earthly movements.

Try to follow only reputable and learned scholars on TV/Radio for the forecasts as they take a holistic view while giving predictions.

The Forecasts that you see in the Media are based on Transit Movements(Gochar) of the Planets and are right on a certain macro level but if you want accuracy, try to understand the details of your horoscope first and then apply these transits to actually be able to PREDICT your Future.

And remember to take the wise words on the colorful, zany TV productions with a BIG pinch of salt. They are out to make hay while the Sun shines and should not be taken to heart!

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