Thursday, January 19, 2012

WHY Sun Gets Exalted In Aries @ 5 deg and All Planets Exaltation Points Explained

Sun is the karaka for soul as well as it is Karaka for Dhanvantari (Medical) and it is in Ketu star where it becomes exalted and Ketu is a karaka for Moksha and Ketu is ruled by Ashwani Kumar.
At Aries 10 degree sub lord is Saturn and Saturn is a Karaka for sacrifice or devotee and Sun is Karaka for Ego or Status. So, unless a native sacrifices his ego, he cannot achieve Moksha (Ketu).
Moon is karaka of mind and desire, and it gets exalted in Taurus (sign of materialism) and at 3 degree the asterism is ruled by Sun. Sun is karaka of soul, at 3 degrees Taurus it is the junction of Jupiter [knowledge] sub lord and at the beginning of Saturn [renunciation] sub lord; so if native uses knowledge and renounces materialistic life – one’s mind and soul join hands to work together in life.
Mars is karaka of energy and one cannot restrict energy, but one can use the energy in the right direction with the right control - a quality which is applicable in explaining Mar’s exaltation in Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal sign (continuation of flow or activity) and Mars is exalted at 28 degrees. Asterism at this degree is ruled by Mars, and it indicates pure energy. Sub Lord at 28th degree is ruled by Saturn, again a planet of control, caution, karma and judgment. Actions committed with control, and caution is justified, hence Mars is exalted at the 28th degree!
Mercury is karaka of analysis, thought process and it is exalted in its own sign Virgo at 15 degrees. Virgo is an Earthy sign, sign of practical sense. The asterism at Virgo 15 degree is ruled by Moon star (Hastha) and Jupiter is the sub lord.
Mercury – a planet which vacillates too much, finds solace when knowledge [Jupiter] and then the mind [Moon] helps it to arrive at decisiveness. It can now understand the consequences of its actions. This is why Mercury is exalted in Virgo at 15 degree.
Jupiter is exalted in Cancer at 5 degrees. Cancer is a watery sign ruled by Moon, at 5
degree the asterism is ruled by Saturn (Pushya) and Saturn again happens to be the sub lord. Jupiter is karaka for knowledge, religion, dharma, self-respect and self-worth. All of these Jupiterian qualities without pecuniary interests results in karma and dharma of the highest order. Hence Jupiter is exalted at Cancer 5 degrees!
Venus is a karaka of luxurious life, sex and Sanjeevani. Venus is exalted at 27th degree of Pisces. The asterism at 27th degree Pisces is ruled by Mercury [intellectual reasoning] and the sub lord is Jupiter [knowledge].
Pisces is a sign of letting-go or abandonments – represented by two fishes in the opposing directions. Unless a person loses his inhibitions and intellectual reasoning, the native cannot indulge in carnal desires or luxuries. Pisces is also the sign of Moksha, hence a different meaning where one gives up his luxuries and then carnal desires – the native cannot attain renunciation or moksha. Here too one has to abandon intellect which keeps the native attached to mortal world. Sanjeevani vidya – the knowledge to revive a person from the dead, is naturally an act which goes against the laws of nature and reason. Such knowledge cannot be obtained unless one abandons intellect and reason!
Saturn is exalted at 20th degree of Libra represented by scales. At Libra 20 degree, Rahu star is ending and Jupiter star is beginning. Saturn is a karaka of Karma and Libra sign is a sign of justice and Rahu star is karaka for materialistic benefit and Jupiter is a karaka for knowledge. So native has to do Karma with full justifications with full knowledge without any expectation of materialistic benefit. Then only karma becomes Nishkam Karma as said in Bhagavad Geeta,
That is why Saturn is exalted at Libra 20 degree.
Note: From above analysis one can find that each every planet either exalted in Jupiter sub or Saturn Sub and as said in beginning only these two planets is ruling Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

By Sh Sharad Joshi ji

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