Sunday, January 25, 2015

Retrograde Mercury - affects communication and travel and technology

Mercury is retrograde from: January 21 – February 11,
What does Mercury Retrograde mean?

Mercury is retrograde when it’s traveling backwards. That’s an optical illusion, of course, and comes from a change in that planet’s orbital speed in comparison to the Earth’s. (Think of it as the planetary equivalent of speeding up, passing a car and seeing it fall far behind after you in the rear view mirror.)

When Mercury is moving in reverse, the areas of life it governs do not play by the usual rules. Pay extra attention to anything related to communication and travel-including phones, computers and electronic devices, the mail (remember that?), cars, public transportation, and commutes.


1.Messages go astray;

2. misunderstandings and confusion abound;

3. technology malfunctions; traffic snarls; travel gets delayed.

CAUTION : Postpone launching major projects, signing major contracts and buying big-ticket items. Double-check fine print, backup your data, and allow lots of extra time when you’re on the road.

The good news? This is an excellent time to :

1.investigate and research,
2. finish old business,
3.clean up paperwork,
4. get in touch with people you haven’t talked to in a while. 5.Pay attention to who surfaces from the past, in person or in thoughts. Their reappearance could help tie up loose ends or resolve lingering business.
Organize and prepare so you’ll be ready to move ahead when Mercury does!

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