Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The magic of WATER and success!!

You're in the shower, and you receive a brilliant idea! Why is that?

1. Water promotes meditation, because it's symbolic of the emotions and unconscious mind. So water's meditative qualities open us up to hearing and listening to guidance.

2. Water relaxes us with its negative ions, particularly from running water like showers, waterfalls, and waves. Negative ions bring about feelings of bliss.

3. Water has healing properties. There's a reason why healing wells like Lourdes, France, have documented miracle healings. Water has long been used in healing ceremonies and health treatments.

4. Water is magnetically attractive, and will hold the energetic properties of prayers and positive intentions.

5. Water is restorative and cleansing. Not only does water wash away physical dirt, but it also cleanses you of any negativity that you've absorbed.

 If you're feeling stuck and in need of guidance, go take a shower or soak in a bathtub with the faucet running. Moving water has more negative ions and electric charge than stagnant water.  If you have access to a beach, waterfall, or moving river, these are also powerful places to receive inspiration and answers.

Then, hold your question in mind, and send the question heavenward. Releasing the question is important, because that frees your mind to be able to hear the answer you're seeking.

Answers come to you as thoughts, feelings, visions, or words.  So notice any impressions that come into your mind or body. If you don't understand what they mean, ask the question, "What does this mean? Please explain further," and then notice insights you receive as clarification.

Some of the insights you receive may not make sense at the time, but they will later. So, write notes of the ideas which come to you, because they contain answers to your questions. You may also receive guidance which intimidates you, because you don't feel qualified or ready to pursue a new project or a different direction. Again, notice the guidance and trust that you'll soon understand.

Please share your experiences of receiving ideas near water. What works better for you: the shower, bathtub, river, ocean, or ??

Louise hay

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