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There are 84 categories of gem stones which are popular as per Astrological belief.
The more clearer the stone, it will not give negative effects.
Except Rahu and Ketu gems i.e. Gomedh (Hessonite) and lahsuniya(cat's eye) no other gem can give negative effect. Only its positivity may be reduced or it may be ineffective.
There are 4 groups of planets possible in a horoscope(as per lordship of houses):
Group A : KENDRA -  1,4,7,10
Group B: TRIKONA - 1,5,9
Group C : TRISHDHAY - 3,6,11.....AND 8
Group D : NEUTRAL - 2,12

Group C is the most dangerous group for gem wearing. If any planet signifies 3,6,11,8 the gem related to it must NOT be worn.


  • PAAPI PLANET- If lord of Trishdhay + lord of trikona or kendra
  • KEWAL PAAPI PLANET - If lord of Trishdhay 
  • ATI PAAPI - If lord of Trishdhay + 8th house

  • Also remember that  among Kendra houses 1<4<7<10
which means  1st house is less powerful than  4th house than which is less powerful than 7th house which is less powerful than 10th house. thus 10th house is strongest in kendra houses.

  • Another rule on similar lines is that among Trikona houses 1<5<9 which means that 9th house is most powerful of all Trikona houses.
  • Another rule on similar lines is that among Trishdhay houses 3<6<11 which means 3 is least malefic and 11 the most malefic in modern times of kaliyuga(since desire is the root of all evil)
3,6,11 houses give best results when Naturally malefic planets are posited in them. They take the person to great heights of achievement.
If these malefic planets are exalted then level of achievements comes down as exalted they start giving less malefic results. If a malefic planet is debilitated in Trishdhay house (3,6,11) its the best combination for the individual.

In conclusion when to wear GEM ?
  1. If planet signifies ATI PAAPI HOUSES - NO GEM OF THAT PLANET
  2. If planet signifies KEWAL PAAPI houses - check the forthcoming planetary dasas and antardasas of the native. If all the Upchaya houses / Improvement houses of profession are vibrating he can be suggested to wear stone of that planet. BEWARE that oncoming dasa/antardasa should not signify houses 8, 12 in which case the gem is not to be worn.
  3. If planet signifies PAAPI house then check the twin lordships of that planet. If one rashi or sign is falling in 3,6,11 and the other rashi or sign is falling in 1,4,7,10,5,9 then the MOOL TRIKON SIGN of that planet.  By the above rule of UTTAROTAR BALI check which house is powerful.

 For ILLUSTRATION in this kundali with Capricorn ascendant the gem for Mercury EMERALD can be worn as mercury is holding lordship of houses 6 (Trishdhay) and 9(Trikona).
Its a PAAPI PLANET in this case .
Now since 9 is most powerful of all Trikona houses ( 9>5>1)  this gem can be safely worn by the individual.

Now in this horoscope with Aquarius ascendant while lagan lord is same Saturn we will not suggest to wear EMERALD because Mercury is lord of 8(malefic house and in group of Trishdhay like ) and also a Trikon house . But here 5th TRIKON is less powerful than 9th so it will not be positive for the native. 

In this horoscope Mercury is lord of 9th trikona house which is very positive but the other lordship is falling in 12th house which is a neutral house. In such case check the OCCUPYING PLACE of mercury and check its acoompanying planet. That will decide whether Mercury is positive or negative finally in this horoscope. Suppose its posited with Jupiter which is a functional malefic in this chart then Emerald cannot be suggested.

Apart from accompanying planets(SAHCHARYA) you should also check for which planets are aspecting Mercury (and their lorships) and also in which planet's star or nakshatra Mercury is posited in. This will tell finally whether Mercury stone is suited for the native or not.

NOTE: while considering the gem stone also take care that the bitter enemy of 8th house lord needs to be calculated (for that particular chart) and its stone should not be worn as it reduces the LONGEVITY of the native.


  1. Mam,my 10th house lord Saturn(Capricorn) is sitting in 8th house(Scorpio) with Jupiter owning 10th house. Can I wear Yellow sapphire?

    1. No do not wear yellow sapphire . It's the 12th house lord and may cause Ill health.

  2. namaskar , tula lagna saturn,moon,mars in 11th house, saturn degree is 3 only , i am thinking of wearing blue sapphire. kindly need your views .
    dasha rahu mein budh . rahu in 12 and budh in 8th

    1. It will enhance your sanyasi tendNcies as in nakshatra of Ketu. Do not wear it as saturn in enemy rashi of leo.

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  5. Someone told my hubby and me to wear childless and disturbances from my in-laws and business..

    My hubbies horoscope is not at all good said with kuj dosh, kalsarp dosh, grahan dosh, guru chandal dosh..
    Lagna Libra, rashi Karka, nakshatra aslesha, pada 2..
    1st house from ascendant having Shani,
    2nd house Ravi, budh, guru, ketu
    3rd house empty
    4th house empty
    5th house empty
    6th house empty
    7th house empty
    8th house rahu
    9th house empty
    10th house moon
    11th house empty
    12th house shukra, kuja

    Mine is Dhanu Lagna,Jyeshta nakshatra,vrishchik rashi,4th pada
    1st house from ascendant having guru
    2nd house empty
    3rd house empty
    4th house shukra
    5th house Ravi, budha
    6th house rahu
    7th house empty
    8th house empty
    9th house empty
    10th house empty
    11th house shani
    12th house kuja, Chandra, ketu

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  8. pls tell me the remedies of sun

  9. Am virgo lagana and Rashi too is virgo, mercury is in 8th house with sun and it's combust, and Saturn and Venus is in 9th house and Venus is also combusted, can I wear emerald, plz suggest me suitable stone

  10. My virgo ascendant and my Rashi is also virgo, but mercury is in 8th house with sun and mercury is combust, can I wear emerald gemstone.plz reply

  11. Mitun lagna ...mercury in meen Rashi with sun....should I wear a emerald

  12. I have mithun lagna having retrograde sat i 8 th house in dhanishta nkt..while mars in libra 10 degree..rahu in you recommand me the stone for saturn or some other stone for saturn for its pacification...thank u

  13. I have Jupiter in 6th house in saggitarius lagna can i wear yellow sapphire

  14. Meena lagna lord in libra 8th house what to wear

  15. Madam I am an Aries ascendant with Jupiter in 12th house and Mars in 7th house, Sun in 5th house and ketu in 9th house. Is it advisable to wear yellow sapphire and red coral?